Syrian Army reinforcements to the northern countryside of Aleppo force a French battalion to relocate

Military reinforcements of the Syrian Army, which reached its points in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo on the international road, forced Aleppo – Hasakeh, a French military battalion of the “international coalition” against the terrorist organization led by the United States, to change its position as the army approached them.

On Thursday, a military reinforcement for the Syrian Army arrived to the points on the outskirts of the city of Manbij in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo and on the international road Aleppo – Hasakeh, indicating that the most important points that The reinforcements at the silos and the junction of the hook were reinforced to the Qara Qawzak bridge, which is the last point on the road from Manbij to the Euphrates in the eastern countryside of Manbij.

The reinforcements appeared to install military points for the Syrian army, ruling out the possibility of any military operation at this stage.

The situation inside the city of Manbij which is under the control of the US backed Syria Democratic Forces.

The presence of a French military battalion of the international coalition forces against the Islamic State, which is led by the United States, in the countryside of Ain Arab (Kobane) near the village of Kharus.

The French battalion has been present for some time in the region, but changed its position to the north of the international road in agricultural lands, after the Syrian Army approached it because it was located near the road between the city of Ain Arab (Kobane) and the international highway of Aleppo – Hasakeh.

The escalation of the state of resentment and civil rejection of the SDF inside the city of Manbij due to the pressures, corruption, and racist practices carried out by its militants against the people.

The SDF prevented the people from returning to their homes, explaining that “any person from Manbij or its countryside is in Aleppo, Damascus, or any other city that is not allowed to enter the city except with the presence of a Kurdish guarantor!”

In a sign of the militia’s racial discrimination policy against the people in the areas it controls, and in light of the precautionary measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, a curfew is implemented only on Arabs, while for the Kurds the decision to overtake them and this has greatly increased Resentment among the militia residents.