A Letter to Sergey Lavrov

More than 300 Syrian officials and intellectuals send a letter of repentance to Lavrov… Your media is attacking us!

More than 300 Syrian and Arab officials and intellectuals, including Syrian People’s Assembly member Khaled Al Aboud, Major General Bahjat Suleiman and Nasser Kandil, and media Dima Nassif, sent a letter of reproach to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, against the background of abuses by some of the Russian private media to the Syrian leadership.


Esteemed Sergey Lavrov, friendly foreign minister of the Russian Federation

Dear Respected Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the State Duma

Honorable Chairman of the Information Committee of the State Duma

Respected gentlemen, the management of Russia Today channel, the respected RT Arabic Channel


After greeting,

We, the undersigned of this statement, are a group of media professionals, thinkers and writers from Syria and the countries of the Arab world who are interested in the national affairs, knowing the sensitivity, importance and seriousness of the role played by the media, and also aware of the dangers of some prejudices seeking to use and exploit the media to deliberate and repeated abuse of strategic and historical relations between Russia from on the one hand, and Syria and the Arab countries on the other hand, we put this letter in your hands, hoping that you will know and take what you think is appropriate to stave off the repetition of some harmful professional mistakes and the repeated abuses of the historical bonds of friendship between us.

We address you with love, respect and appreciation for the important Russian role in our region and the world, affirming our belief in freedom of thought, opinion and expression, the right to free access to information, and fairness in providing space and equal opportunities between competitors in political practice.

The repetition of professional errors, by ignorance or intent, makes the friendly media largely in the trench of the hostile media, which relies on misinformation, slander, popular militarism, and shaping public opinion to serve its malicious colonial projects.

What has been published and broadcast on some Russian official websites and platforms has resulted in pitting a wide segment of the Arab and Russian streets, stirring tensions, responses, and bickering that we are all indispensable for, and distracting the compass from our joint war against terrorism and Western plans that target us together.



We address you as friends and allies, confirming that our letter is a source of caution and caution to glitches so that we can deal with them together, and not as a matter of interfering with Russian media policies or restricting freedom of opinion and expression, while emphasizing the need to adhere to a fair and balanced representation of views and positions on media platforms, not to leave them theater Permitting repeated and deliberate abuses that do not serve our common causes and interests.

Dear friends, we highly value the tremendous efforts and enormous sacrifices made by President Vladimir Putin, Minister Lavrov and the Russian army in the war on terrorism and achieving balance in the world order and supporting just causes, especially in Syria, which fights terrorism on behalf of the entire world in the ten years The latter, whose president, Dr. Bashar Al Assad, has a special and strong relationship based on sympathy and mutual respect, not allowing the sovereign decision and preserving the territorial integrity of Syria and liberating it from terrorism and occupation, and the right of the Syrian people to self-determination.

Distinguished gentlemen, we were very happy when the friendly Russia launched a Russian-language satellite channel in Arabic, and the channel met with high acceptance among Arab viewers in light of the Western and Arab media quarrels against Syria and Russia and their allies from countries and forces opposing colonialism and terrorism.

As you know, hostile media was the spearhead of the unprecedented attack on Syria and the region, with the aim of tearing it apart and plundering its wealth.

We also bode well for the qualitative leap achieved by the Russian media, which strikes a balance in the face of “media terrorism” practiced against us and still is.

From this standpoint, we would like to draw your attention to some of the documented abuses and fabrications that have been reported on a number of Russian media in recent times, and have caused resentment and militarization in the Syrian street in particular and the Arab resistance in general, by targeting the person of President Bashar Al Assad and insulting him in particular in what came in two episodes of The program (Best Say) on RT Arabic hosted journalist Salam Musafir, a person who has boasted of supporting armed groups 10 years ago (Firas Tlass) and has warrants against him accusing him of supporting terrorism in more than one European country.

Honorable gentlemen, once again, we affirm our strong respect for the media code of ethics, professional ethics and freedom of expression, provided that friendly media does not use a platform to play on the strings of religion and stir up hateful racial, ethnic and sectarian nervousness, as stated in the above program, (which RT subsequently deleted from its location) for what he was provoked by a lot of confusion and resentment, but the damage was done and exacerbated!

In conclusion, we hope that you will expand your comments on these hopes, hoping you to stress the controls of media work and its ethics, and avoid double standards and moods in dealing with the symbols of constitutional legitimacy between a state and a state, and it is not permissible to allow platforms to attack President Assad without other Arab leaders (even those who describe The legitimate military presence of your country in Syria with “Russian occupation and colonization”)!!

We highly value the statements made in Moscow by Presidential Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov and your diplomatic mission in Geneva and officials and intellectuals from friendly Russia, who disavow and condemn the reported abuses of the Syrian leadership and their strong relations with the Russian leadership, we wish you to emphasize the need not to repeat what happened and avoid bad The use of your platforms by some and their exploitation for purposes and ends that harm the essence of the pivotal role that sincere media plays and its mission in war and peace, and in a way that distorts relations and undermines the strong historical ties that link our countries with friendly Russia..

Accept from us, the undersigned, the sincere friendliness and appreciation of the friendly Russian Federation as president, army and people

Long live the Russian-Syrian and Russian-Arab friendship.


(Signed to the petition):

1 – Dr. Bahgat Suleiman: Major General and Former Ambassador, Writer, Researcher and Poet / Syria

2 – Nasser Qandil: media and editor-in-chief – former member of the Lebanese Parliament – former president of the National Media Council / Lebanon

3 – Dr. Nidal Qablan: Media and writer – former director of the Syrian satellite channel and foreign channel – and a former ambassador / Syria

4 – Sabreen Diab: media and activist / occupied Palestine.

5 – Sidqi Suleiman Al Muqt: Prisoner Released from the Israeli prisons – the occupied Syrian Golan

6 – Basil Dayoub: A lawyer and journalist – Syria

7 – Dr. Basem Suleiman: Doctor and Writer – Syria

8 – Amer Al Tal: Media / Jordan

9 – Dr. Shadi Ahmed: media and economic researcher / Syria

10 – Abdul Majeed Abdul Latif: Engineer and Retired Dean / Syria

11 – Abdel Qader Khalifa: political researcher / Syria

12 – Dr. Eng. Mayada Razouk: University Professor / Syria

13 – Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah: Media and political researcher / Sorbah

12 – Dr. Khalil Taalouba: Lawyer – Vice President of Al Rashid University / Syria

13 – Mazen Suleiman: Engineer / Syria

14 – Hydra Bahgat Suleiman: the owner of a media site / Syria

15 – Abdullah Nawas: Lawyer / Jordan

16 – Nazih Al Dibs: Nationalist / Jordan

17 – Wesal Salloum: Secretary of the Damascus International Network – Media professionals against terrorism / Syria

18 – Adana Khair Bek: Syria

19 – Ziyad Al Hammouri: Director of the Jerusalem Center for Economic and Social Rights / Occupied Jerusalem

20 – Bashar Najari: Syrian expatriate engineer / Geneva

21 – Dr. Abdul Hamid Dashti: writer and former member of the Kuwaiti Parliament / Kuwait

22 – Brigadier Naji Al Zoubi: head of the “Jordanian Media and Intellectuals for Syria” gathering / Jordan

23 – Dr. Abdel Jabbar Al Khader: Syrian surgeon / Germany

24 – Munir Ali Ibrahim Mansour: head of the captive movement / occupied Palestine

25- Hayyan Nayouf Engineer: Syria

26 – Tariq Al Sulaiman: political activist / Syria

27 – Basil Shaaban: Syria

28 – Neda’a Harb: Media / Syria

29 – Dr. Zuhair Al Fateh: Syrian journalist / Moscow

30 – Amer Abu Farraj: journalist and lawyer / Syria

31 – Abeer Muhammad: lawyer / Syria

32 – Fahd Melhem: writer and media / Syria

33 – Dr. Ahmed Masrabi: Doctor / Syria

34 – Munther Abbar: The National Struggle Movement / Tunisia

35 – Dr. Hussein Ragheb: Deputy / Syria

36 – Hassan Al Hamwi: Director of the Arab Quality Makers Center / Syria – Sweden

37 – Amjad Berri: a national activist / Syria

38 – Dr. Badr Al Samawi: National Struggle Movement / Tunisia

39 – Farida Al Shobashi: Writer and Journalist / Egypt

40 – Michael Awad: writer and researcher / Lebanon

41 – Dr. Rasha Shaaban: University Professor / Syria

42 – Majdi Al Masrawi: Secretary General of the Arab National Conference / Egypt

43 – Fares Al Jerawi: Writer and Media / Syria

44 – Ramia Al Ibrahim: Arab media / Lebanon

45 – Dr. Ahmed Al Druze: physician and political writer / Syria

46 – Hazar Al Nouri: Head of the Women Leaders Project / Syria

47 – Osama Adnan Al Qadry: a journalist and poet / Syria

48 – Sahar Al Haddad / Mexico

49 – Jumana Muhammad Mamoun Al Nouri: Member of the Damascus Governorate Council / Syria

50 – Dr. Muhammad Rukia: University Professor / Syria

51 – Dr. Ali Hamza: University Professor / Syria

52 – George Al Saud: Teacher / Syria

53 – Muhammad Hasan Al Ali: Former general – poet and member of the Arab Writers Union, Syria

54 – Jamil Mazhar: Member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine / Occupied Palestine

55 – Dr. Hassan Nafaa: Professor of political science at Cairo University / Egypt

56 – Khaled Khazaal: Member of the Syrian People’s Assembly – Syria

57 – Iyad Hassan: writer / Syria

58 – Khaled Al Aboud: Clerk – Member of the Syrian People’s Assembly / Syria

59 – Entisar Suleiman: Poet – Member of the Arab Writers Union / Syria

60 – Dr. Ali Diab: a university professor / Syria

61 – Bilal Al Tayyan: Syria

62 – Tarek Hakki: Director of Marbad Market / Syria

63 – Dima Nassif: Media / Syria

64 – Ziyad Ghosn: a journalist / Syria

65 – Sumer Sultan: journalist / Syria

66 – Shadi Hijazi: writer and researcher / Syria

67 – Mahmoud Al Sherbiny: writer / Egypt

68 – Amjad Doba: Expatriate Engineer in Russia / Syria

69 – Qassem Hodroj: Consultant and Media / Lebanon

70 – Futtaim Al Ahmed: Jordan

71 – Nabil Najem Abu Hamad: Jordan

72 – Dr. Sahar Shabib: University Professor / Syria

73 – Yasser Nahlawi: Activist and member of the former People’s Assembly / Syria

74 – Mohamed Ali Maliki: Political activist / Tunisia

75 – Fadel Abbas Mahdi: political activist / Bahrain

76 – Aghnar Morshed: translated / Syria

77 – Dr. Aktham Suleiman: Syrian writer and journalist / Germany

78 – Nasser Abu Khudair: Member of the General Secretariat of the National People’s Congress for Jerusalem / Occupied Palestine

79 – Al Walid Saleh: Writer and Engineer / Syria

80 – Yasser Nassar: Syria

81 – Nabil Najem: Film director / Jordan

82 – Issam Abu Fakhr: Poet and Waqas / Jordan

83 – Hilal Khalil Aoun: writer, poet, and journalist / Syria

84 – Rafeeq Lutf: Media / Syria

85 – Dr. Mohamed Sayed Ahmed: writer and academic – Secretary of Political Affairs for the Nasserite Party / Egypt

86 – Dr. Ibaa Abdul Rahman: Surgeon – Writer / Syria

87 – Dr. Khaled Al Matroud: Media and political researcher / Syria

86 – Hatem Al Shalghami: politician / Tunisia

87 – Nibal Medhat Badr: Syria

88 – Jihad Al Jojo: Germany

89 – Hussein Abu Khader: Father of the martyr of the Dawn of Jerusalem, Muhammad Abu Khudair / occupied Palestine

90 – Dr. Salim Barakat: University Professor / Syria

91 – Turki Hassan: Researcher in Strategic Affairs / Syria

91 – Muhammad Zuhair: activist / Syria

92 – Kamal Fayyad: Syria

93 – Wesal Salloum: Media / Syria

94 – Hayan Nayouf: Engineer – Political Writer /: Syria

95 – Fadel Hammoud: writer / Syria

96 – Elias Asaad: Business Automation Designer / Syria

97 – Abdel Karim Abu Nazzal: writer / Syria

98 – Dr. Hassan Ahmed Hassan: Researcher in Strategic Issues / Syria

99 – Yazid Gerjous: writer / Syria

100 – Dr. Youssef Asaad: Doctor / Syria

101 – Mahmoud Al Haris: Engineer – Former university teacher / Jordan

102 – Abdel Moein Zureik: Journalist / Syria

103 – Dr. Nizar Suleiman: journalist / Syria

104 – Dr. Ahmed Adeeb Ahmed: University Professor / Syria

105 – Dr. Bassam Raja: Media / Palestine

106 – Dr. Tamim Azawi: University Professor / Syria

107 – Dr. Abdul Hadi Nasri: Secretary General of the National Constants Assembly / Syria

108 – Issam Azouz: journalist / Syria

109 – Ali Salman: Journalist / Lebanon

110 – Ali Shukry: writer / Canada

111 – Brigadier Omar Maarabouni: military researcher and analyst / Lebanon

112 – Muhammad Al Saeed: Commander of the Jerusalem Brigade: Palestine / Syria

113 – Maan Abdel Haqq: artist / Syria

114 – Nibras Majrakash: Media / Syria

115 – Dr. Nidal Al Saleh: University Professor – Former President of the Arab Writers Union / Syria

116 – Dr. Hala Al Asaad: Syria

117 – Wael Al Mawla: Media / Lebanon

117 – Jinan Ahmed: activist / Syria

118 – Abdel Hakim Gamal Abdel Nasser: Stroke Engineer (Son of former President of Egypt)/ Egypt

119 – Blessed Brahimi: Tunisia

120 – Qutaiba Hassan: Syria

121 – Dr. Adnan Jartali: Doctor and University Professor – German / Syria

122 – Faisal Abdul Sater: media / Lebanon

123 – Saeed Al Sabah: Lebanon

124 – Maan Bashour: Founding President of the Arab National Forum / Lebanon

125 – Sitan Suleiman Eid: activist / Syria

126 – Dr. Ibrahim Alloush: University Professor and Economic and Political Researcher / Palestine

127 – Dr. Imad Amir Murshid: Doctor of Engineering / Syria

128 – Hani Al Issawi: Member of the National Council / Occupied Palestine

129 – Hussein Mutawa: Arab activist / Jordan

130 – Saud Qabilat: a writer, researcher, and former president of the Jordan Writers Union / Jordan

131 – Nisreen Al Sagheer: Activist / Palestine

132 – Hussein Marouf Aoun: Engineer / Syria

133 – Nariman Zuhair Al Rousan: Jordan

134 – Abi Hassan: journalist and writer / Syria

135 – Muhammad Al Omari: journalist and writer / Syria

136 – Wafa Waqaf: activist /: Syria

137 – Dr. Wensa Suleiman Al Assad: Syria

138 – Rafeeq Fadda: Engineer and Activist / Syria

139 – Walaa Muhammad Aoun: Teacher / Syria

140 – Nawfal Badr Zoudeh: Engineer / Syria

141 – Amir Wanous Aoun: teacher / Syria.

142 – Thaer Suleiman: Syria

143 – Reem Sheikh Hamdan: Syria

144 – Adnan Khalil Aoun: Doctor / Syria

145 – Antoine Asaad: Syria

146 – Jamal Ali Mahfoud: Human Rights / Syria

147 – Ruba Youssef Idris: Syria

148 – Fakhri Suleiman Aoun: teacher / Syria

149 – Muhammad Khalil Zoda: Graduate of Commerce and Economics / Syria

150 – Dr. Enas Abdel Rahman Abbad: lecturer and activist in Jerusalem affairs and educational policies / occupied Palestine

151 – Nabil Abdullah: Member of the Jerusalem District / Occupied Palestine

152 – Ziad Al Hammouri: Jerusalem

153 – Zahira Kamal: former Minister of Women / Occupied Palestine

154 – Dr. Engineer Tammam Fakoush: University Professor / Syria

155 – Jamal Ali Mahfoud: Human Rights Syrian

156 – Bechara Merhej: Former Minister of the Interior / Lebanon

157 – Dr. Adnan Mansour: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs / Lebanon

158 – Hamid Abdul Qadir Antar: Yemeni writer and political researcher / head of the International Campaign to End the Siege on Sana’a International Airport

159 – Dr. Hani Suleiman: Lawyer, political activist and founder of the National Campaign for Palestine – Lebanon

160 – Dr. Ziyad Al Hafiz: Academic and Economic and Political Researcher – Former Secretary General of the Arab National Conference / Lebanon

161 – Abdulredha Al Hamid: novelist and media-editor-in-chief (Iraqi newspaper) / Iraq

162 – Munther Abbar: Member of the Central Committee of the National Struggle Movement / Tunisia

163 – Jamal Issa: political activist – advisor to the president of the Social and Cultural Forum in Zahrani / Lebanon

164 – Samaher Al Khatib: writer and political analyst / Syria

165 – Suha Al Khatib: lawyer / Syria

166 – Dr. Mohamed Sayed Ahmed: writer and academic / Egypt

167 – Dr. Gamal Ali Zahran: University professor, President of the Arab Association for Political Science and Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Caucus to support the choice of resistance / Egypt

167 – Sir Al Khatim Ahmad Al Haj Ali: Media and social researcher in religious groups and interfaith dialogue / Sudan

168 – Nasser Al Din Khalafi: Doctor / Algeria

169 – Naram Sargon: PhD holder – freelance writer / Syria

170 – Dr. Ahmed Al Mannai: former expert at the United Nations and head of the Tunisian Institute of International Relations / Tunis

171 – Shawky Awada: Media – Committee of the Sorrow released from the prisons of the Israeli occupation / Lebanon

172 – Fadi Boudieh: Media / Lebanon

  1. Anis Niqash: AMAN Network Coordinator for Strategic Studies, Lebanon

174 – Dr. Samir Abu Saleh: Media / Syria

175 – Ali Mohsen: President of the Federation of Air Transport Syndicates in Lebanon

176 – Ghalib Qandil: media, researcher, political writer and member of the National Media Council / Lebanon

177 – Youssef Jaber: President of the Development Assembly of the Beirut South Coast / Lebanon

178 – Dr. Asad Sharaf Al Din: Ophthalmologist / Lebanon

179 – Dr. Rabi Al Debs: Professor of Political and Social Thought at the Lebanese University / Lebanon

180 – Ali Youssef: Member of the Syndicate of Editors Syndicate in Lebanon

181 – Dr. Asad Turki Sawari: President of the Iraq Center for Leadership Development / Iraq

182 – Abdelilah Bahai: Writer – Member of the Islamic National Conference, Canada / Morocco

183 – Sonia Adra: a poet and writer / Syria

184 – Moataz Mansour: lawyer and journalist / Egypt

185 – Nabil Hallaq: Coordinator of International Relations at the Arab International Center for Communication and Solidarity / Lebanon (Ireland)

186 – Dr. Ali Muhammad Ahmad: Doctor and university professor / Syria

187 – Waseem Kawtharani: lawyer / Lebanon

187 – Rashid Abu Shashieh: businessman and political activist: Jordan

188 – Mahmoud Al Naqeeb: Accountant / Lebanon

189 – Hassan Ali Karim: political activist / Lebanon

190 – Dr. Hayam Mohamed Salama: Syrian / Human Development Doctor

191 – Ghassan Makdisi: Editor-in-Chief of the Syrian Section, in Voice of the Immigrant, USA / Syria

192 – Lina Johny: plastic artist, archaeologist and social worker / Lebanon

193 – Mazen Abdin: a social activist / Syria

194 – Saeed Al Saeed: Chairman of the Committee for Events and Support Forces of the Syrian Arab Army in the city of Noble and the northern countryside sector in Aleppo / Syria

195 – Salim Tabet: member of the Political Bureau / Lebanese Arab Struggle Movement / Lebanon

196 – Hayam Saleh: Communication Engineer / Syria

197 – Yahya Salah Al Din: Journalist / Yemen

198 – Abdel Hassan Mestrahah: technician – political activist / Lebanon

199 – Ghassan Ekhlasi: poet and writer / Syria

200 – Latifa Al Mahameed: Arabic / Syrian language school

201 – Fouad Qassem Al Shaer: Retired professor – farmer – captive editor of the occupied Syrian Golan / Syria

202 – Mohamed Zein: Political and Social Activist / Lebanon

203 – Rasha Obaid: Engineer / Follow-up Director in Damascus Governorate

204 – Aman Haj Moussa Turkmani: Engineer – School at the University of Damascus

205 – Abbas Zaki: Member of the Central Committee of the Fatah / Occupied Palestine

206 – Munir Mansour: President of the Prisoner Movement / Occupied Palestine

207 – Ahmed Khalifa: Member of the Political Bureau of the Sons of the Country Movement / Occupied Palestine

208 – Khalda Jarrar: Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (detained) / occupied Palestine

209 – Muhammad Abu Asaad Kanaana: Member of the Political Bureau of the Sons of the Country Movement / Occupied Palestine

210 – Dr. Adel Samara: Writer and academic / Occupied Palestine

211 – Muhammad Miari – Founder of the “struggle” movement / occupied Palestine

212 – Eng. Amani Ibrahim: a leader in the “struggle” movement / occupied Palestine

213 – Abd Anabtawi: Writer / Occupied Palestine

214 – Luay Khatib: Member of the Political Bureau of the Sons of the Country Movement / Occupied Palestine

215 – Grace Paul: Writer / Occupied Palestine

216 – Dr. Suhail Diab: Mayor of Tamra / Occupied Palestine

217 – Sami Muhanna: President of the Writers Union Palestine 48 / Occupied Palestine

218 – Shawqia Mansour: Media / Occupied Palestine

219 – Saeed Hassanein: Media / Occupied Palestine

220 – Saeed Nafaa: Politician / occupied Palestine

221 – Yaqoub Hijazi: Writer / Occupied Palestine

222 – Dr. Adnan Bakria: Writer / Occupied Palestine

223 – Taher Saif: Member of the Political Bureau of the Sons of the Country movement, occupied Palestine

224 – Ahmad Jalajel: Media / Occupied Palestine

225 – Khaled Al Faqih: media / occupied Palestine

226 – Zuhair Andraws: Journalist / Occupied Palestine

227 – Umm Ahmad Washha: Mother of the martyr leader Moataz Washha / occupied Palestine

228 – Dr. Hassan Al Nouri: International Administrative and Economic Expert – University Professor / Syria

233 – Hadeel Hassan Al Nouri: MA in International Relations / Bologna

234 – Dr. Abdel Khalek Mahfoud: Writer and Researcher / Syria

235 – Wafaa Al Kibsi: Writer / Yemen

236 – Judge Abdul Karim Al Sharia: writer and political researcher / Yemen

237 – Hisham Abdel Qader Antar: writer and political activist – founder of the Forum of Arab and Liberal Writers Sana’a / Yemen

238 – Sheikh Abdullah Al Mansoori: Sheikh of the Sheikh of Al Mansour – Governorate of Aib / Yemen

239 – Hassan Ibrahim Saleh: Businessman / Lebanon

240 – Abdul Rahman Hamid Al Din: Writer and Researcher – Head of the Al Hidaya Flags Team at the Imam Al Hadi Cultural Foundation – Director of Training and Qualification Department at the Yemeni General Communication Corporation / Yemen

241 – Amjad Abdul Alim Ghaleb Al Aswadi: Official spokesman for the Yemeni Youth Parliament in Al Hodeidah Governorate / Yemen

242 – Adnan Naqoul: Media and researcher on Latin affairs in Argentina, (Syria)

243 – Jamal Khalil: Palestinian Popular Struggle Front / Lebanon

244 – Ali bin Masoud Al Mashani: Journalist / Sultanate of Oman

245 – Bahzar Al Baroudi: Media / Syria

246 – Muhammad Sharif Al Jayyousi: writer and political analyst / Jordan

247 – Hassan Hardan: writer and journalist – Information Officer, Workers League / Lebanon

249 – Zainab Al Ayani: political activist / Yemen

250 – Dr. Amer Al Rubaie: Head of the Center for Arab-European Strategic Studies and Research in Paris

251 – Ruba Youssef Shaheen: Writer and Media / Syrian

252 – Dr. Muhammad Abbas: Retired Dean of Staff and Researcher, Strategic / Lebanon

253 – Fadwa Abdel Sater: Media / Lebanon

254 – Ehab Hassan: journalist writer – managing editor of Al Arabi newspaper / Egypt

255 – Mustafa Sawas: Islamic journalist and researcher / Syria

256 – Khaled Al Mansoub: Deputy Educational Administration in Aeb countryside – Green Brigade / Yemen

257 – Ibrahim Mahmoud Zain Al Din: journalist / Lebanon

258 – Issam Bakr: National Forces Coordinator / Occupied Palestine

259 – Jamal Al Tirawi: a leader in the occupied Fatah / Palestine movement

260 – Nidal Al Shakaa: My rights / Palestine

261 – Nasser Al Lahham: Media / Occupied Palestine

262 – Nahla Al Sousou: a female writer and journalist / Syria

263 – Dr. Riyad Awwad: Syrian writer and journalist / USA

264 – Dr. Wael Junaid: President of the Syrian community in Russia

265 – Dr. Bassam Al Shalabi: Secretary of the Party Organization in Russia

266 – Professor Omar Saber Falhout, Moscow – Russia

267 – Professor Abdul Wahab Al Jubouri, Professor Doctor at the Hague International University / Netherlands

269 – Dr. Mustafa Al Turk: Director of a company, Moscow

270 – Dr. Ali Ismail: Syrian / Russian community

271 – Eng. Adnan Shaweesh: Russia – St. Petersburg

272 – Dr. Fayez Hawala: Political writer / Moscow

273 – Mrs. Maryam Kasouha: International Federation of Syrian Expatriates / Paris, France

274 – Engineer Munther Hussain: Australia

275 – Ms. Aida Hanna: Sweden

276 – Dr. Eng. Youssef Wattfa: businessman / Moscow

277 – Dr. Ziyad Hazan: Director of a company

278 – Dr. Nasr Qassem: Moscow

279 – Dr. Mustafa Mwafak: International Federation of Syrian Expatriates, France

280 – Dr. Fawaz Mahfoud: International Federation of Syrian Expatriates / Australia

281 – Eng. Naeem Sha`bouq: President of the International Union of Syrian Expatriates / Russia

283 – Dr. Faris Ardous / Russia

284 – Dr. Sami Sabsabi / Russia

285 – Dr. Muhammad Suleiman Aoun: Doctor / Syria

286 – Dr. Dalal Al Salti: Doctor / Syria

287 – Dr. Hina Ibrahim: Doctor / Syria

288 – Dr. Haitham Ibrahim Aoun: Doctor / Syria

289 – Sami Yusuf: a political activist, a founding member of the Egyptian People’s Committee for Solidarity with Syria / Egypt

290 – Mohamed Ghazala: Writer and Researcher / Lebanon

291 – Engineer Al Manji Makni: Secretary General of the National Struggle Movement in Tunisia

292 – Dr. Badr Al Samawi: Social Security expert / Tunisia

293 – Issam Hanafi: Plastic artist / Egypt

294 -Khaled Youssef: Film director and member of the People’s Assembly / Egypt

295 – Murad Al Sudani: President of the Palestinian Writers Union

296 – Dima Amin: Writer / Occupied Palestine

297 – Major General Abdullah Al Atirah: Member of the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah Movement / Occupied Palestine

298 – Omar Assaf: National and Islamic Forces / Occupied Palestine

299 – Archimand Abdullah Julius:  The spiritual father of the Roman Catholic Church in occupied Jerusalem

300 – Eng. Haitham Eid: / Ukraine

301 – Dr. Azin Waqaf: Moscow / Russia

302 – Dr. Jan Mikhael: Moscow / Russia