Washington is preparing to activate the “Caesar” law and vowing to countries that deal with Damascus

The United States has pursued a policy of economic terrorism to achieve its own interests, with US State Department regional spokeswoman Geraldine Griffiths warning governments that will seek reconciliation and restore ties with Syria that they “will be subject to sanctions”.

Griffiths considered, on Tuesday, that “the reconstruction process in Syria is linked to a political settlement”.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, after the UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus.

Griffiths claimed that the so-called American “Caesar” law, which tightens the blockade of the Syrian people and will enter into force in less than a month, “provides the United States with the means to help end the appalling and ongoing conflict in Syria”, and indicated that the law includes a number of provisions The main ones that impose sanctions on Syria and its allies, by punishing those who help it in obtaining non-military goods, services and technologies that are used to enhance its military capabilities, and Griffiths warned that if any government seeks reconciliation with Syria, the mandatory US sanctions will pose severe risks to any Its companies, which may consider participating in the reconstruction or other projects with Damascus.

She noted that the law provides penalties and travel restrictions for those who provide assistance to members of the Syrian government and its Syrian and international supporters.

For years, The United States has imposed unlawful, coercive economic measures on Syria that have affected the livelihood of Syrians and the government’s efforts to confront the epidemic of Covid-19, and Griffiths claimed, “US policy in Syria focuses on finding a negotiated political solution to the conflict, in line with a Council Resolution Security 2254 and ensuring the permanent defeat of ISIS and confronting Iranian influence”.

She noted that “the current US administration has mobilized international consensus in support of US policy regarding the need to reach a peaceful political solution to the Syrian conflict, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

He participated We are in the successful negotiations that led to the establishment of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, and we worked with our partners in the mini group on Syria”.

In this context, Griffiths said: “The US policy toward Syria has always been clear.

We want a political solution through negotiation, ”expressing her belief that what she called“ destabilizing actions ”by Russia, Iran, and the Syrian government, as she claimed, prevented the ceasefire and stood in the face of the political solution, and added,“ For us, the political process that remains the United Nations is leading the only viable means for resolving the conflict in Syria, which includes constitutional reform and United Nations-supervised elections in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.