Turkey deceived us!! Insurrection in the ranks of the Syrian armed militias in Libya due to fake salaries

One of the Syrian opposition fighters confirmed, Tuesday, that Turkey deceived them with fake salaries, and put them in positions in front of the Libyan army fire, which caused disappointment among the elements of those factions.

The assurances of the fighter in the ranks of the Syrian opposition factions in Libya came through an audio recording, in which he talks about a state of rebellion among the factions, due to Turkey’s deception of them, and that most of the fighters feel very disappointed, and they intend to return to the country.

The fighter explains during the call that they are fighting in the range of Libyan army fire, and are subjected to mortar shelling on a daily basis.

At one time, 6 of them were killed in one of the strikes that targeted their headquarters.

Noting that they left the fighting and surrendered their weapons, due to Turkey deceiving them with fake salaries, as Turkey had promised them before coming to Libya, with salaries of up to 2000 dollars, but their salaries in fact do not exceed 4000 Turkish liras (566 dollars), and those who have the means to reach their salary to 6000 TL ($ 849).

Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights indicated that “the death toll among the Turkish-backed opposition, which is fighting in Libya alongside the government in Tripoli, has reached 268, while the number of Syrian fighters in Libya has reached about 8,000”.

The observatory stressed that “Turkey is still continuing to send Syrian fighters to Libya, while more than 3 thousand Syrian fighters from the opposition are receiving military training in Turkey”.