The Venezuelan air defense forces an American F22 fighter to flee after being warned of being shot

The Venezuelan Air Defense Forces radars intercepted US “F22 rapture” as it approached the Venezuelan airspace and sent it a warning that any attempt to violate the borders would be faced with fire.

According to the “Avia Pro” website, the Venezuelan army issued a warning to the US Air Force that it was ready to fire without warning any US aircraft if it tried to violate the airspace.

This came after an attempt to combat “F22 rapture” to violate the country’s borders in a provocative manner, approaching the airspace of Venezuela, according to preliminary data released by the site.

When the American fighter was discovered by the radar of the Venezuelan Air Defense, it was warned that the defenses would open fire, forcing her to flee the area.

The site said that the radar that revealed the US fighter is the Chinese-made radar JY-27.

On May 6, the Venezuelan Interior Minister, Nestor Riverol, announced that the authorities had responded to a naval invasion by Colombian militants from the state of Laguera.

The Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro, announced that the goal of the invasion was his assassination, and that among the detained participants in the armed naval attack, two American citizens described them as the personal guard of the American President.

Moscow has expressed concern over the attempt to land a group of mercenaries in Venezuela to carry out terrorist attacks, and stressed the need for a firm condemnation of this act.