Russian patrol targets with an “RPG” missile and throws rocks and eggs at the “M4”

On Tuesday, the Russian-Turkish joint patrol trip, which is the tenth of its kind, stumbled on the Aleppo-Latakia highway, known as the “M4” road, by targeting unidentified gunmen with an “RPG” shell that fell meters away from its stop at the Ariha Bridge without The occurrence of losses among its members.

Civil sources in the city of Ariha confirmed that an explosion occurred a few meters away from the Russian-Turkish joint patrol Tuesday morning, and suggested that the patrol was targeted by an “RPG” shell by gunmen and not by an explosive device planted on the patrol’s path in the “safe strip” The international road indicates that the patrol was stopped before the explosion, which did not cause casualties or injuries in the ranks of the patrol members, consisting of 10 vehicles, according to the sources.

The sources pointed out that the patrol was forced to stop about 300 meters east of the Jericho Bridge, after it objected to protesters refusing to conduct joint patrols, and those funded by Al Sham Liberation Headquarter (Al Nusra Front) terrorist organization, who threw stones and eggs at them.

At the time of writing, no party has claimed responsibility for targeting the joint patrol, while observers of the situation in Idlib suggested that Al Sham Liberation Headquarter (Al Nusra Front)

and other affiliated groups in Idlib, especially Huras Al din (Guardians of Religion) organization, are behind the operation.

On May 5 and May 7, respectively, the Russian and Turkish Joint patrol succeeded in doubling their march on “M4” from the town of Tarnaba, west of Saraqib, in the eastern Idlib countryside, to the Jericho Bridge at the entrance to the northeastern city, after failed attempts that prevented it from overlooking the town of Neirab, located On the international highway, 5 km west of Saraqib.

It is noteworthy that the Russian-Turkish “Moscow Agreement” on March 5, approved the conduct of joint patrols between the armies of the two countries in a “safe area” on both sides of the international road from Tarnaba to Tal Al Hoor, the westernmost countryside of Idlib, and along a 70 km radius starting from the 15th of the same month, except That the patrols were only able to travel 13 kilometers after a month and a half of the expected date of their operation in a semi-plain area, unlike the very rugged geographical nature of the road in Jisr Al Shughour and the region that follows from it!