Coronavirus in the world: Italy records the highest number of cases in less than a week, as Russia is slowly lifting the imposed isolation

Italy has recorded the largest number of new cases of Coronavirus in less than a week on Tuesday, as the government prepares to allow provincial governors to ease national closures from May 18, according to a Bloomberg agency.

Provincial governors are expected to make decisions about reopening pubs, restaurants and other businesses before early June, as the administration of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has previously decided.

Conte’s allies in the ruling coalition and provincial presidents are pressing for speeding up plans to ease the two-month-old closure.

Civil protection authorities reported 1,402 cases of covid-19 infection – the largest number since May 6 – compared to 744 cases recorded yesterday.

The total confirmed cases in the country to date are 221,216.

The number of daily deaths has decreased from 179 to 172 during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths due to the emerging Coronavirus to 30,911 since the beginning of the pandemic in the country in late February.

On Tuesday, Russia began a cautious relaxation of the isolation measures imposed in the framework of combating the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, which still threatens some countries with a second wave of infections, while the World Health Organization called for “full vigilance” in dealing with lifting restrictions.

It became possible for each Russian region to slowly raise from Tuesday some restrictions, such as opening hairdressing salons and gardens, based on the situation of the epidemic and the number of beds and respirators available.

But Moscow, the epicenter of the epidemic in the country with 121301 cases, extended isolation until May 31.

And, like an increasing number of the world’s population, wearing a protective mask and gloves has become mandatory in joint transportation in the Russian capital as well as in closed public places such as food stores.

In exchange for a global health catastrophe that has claimed the lives of at least 286,000 people and infected more than four million people, according to a census based on official sources – knowing that the announced numbers are likely to be much less than the reality – states are trying to find a difficult balance between the measures imposed to curb the spread The epidemic and the appropriate decisions to restart the severely affected economies by an unprecedented crisis.

On Tuesday, Singapore allowed the opening of some stores and businesses, such as hairdressing salons.

In India, about thirty trains were running Tuesday in the capital, New Delhi, and some big cities, taking the necessary precautions: putting on protective masks, measuring body temperature and preventing travel in the event of symptoms.

Low-cost Irish Airline became the first airline to resume flights, by announcing Tuesday that 40% of its flights would resume from July and imposing health measures such as wearing masks and measuring the body temperature of travelers and crew, but without imposing social distance.

France and Spain also began yesterday to ease the isolation measures imposed on the exhausted population after weeks of stone and closure.

In Paris, dozens of people rushed to drink on the banks of the Seine.

As a result, the police prohibited alcohol in public places until further notice.

On Tuesday, the city’s mayor requested that the scope of the mask be expanded, which is a mandatory measure at the present time in joint transportation, to include “all the streets of the French capital”.

In Spain, the lifting of the restrictions on Monday was met with satisfaction among residents who managed to return to bars amid strict hygiene measures.

“We are always afraid to catch the virus and pass it on to our family, but we have to go out and live again,” said Marcos Rodriguez in the Mediterranean Tarragona.

In order to avoid cases among arrivals from abroad, the Spanish authorities decided on Tuesday to impose a stone for 14 days, from Friday until the end of the state of emergency on May 24, for those arriving from abroad from abroad, but this measure could be extended.

The government stated in its decision that “the positive development of the epidemiological situation in our country and the start of lifting the isolation require us to strengthen containment measures”.

In the absence of a treatment or vaccine, WHO reminded that “full vigilance is necessary”.

The WHO’s health emergency official, Michael Ryan, considered that “some countries”, which he did not name, chose to “close their eyes and move blindly” towards lifting the isolation, without specifying the epidemics or attending adequate medical capabilities.

He said, “If the disease remains at a weak level in countries that do not have the ability to study and identify foci, the risk of an epidemic outbreak again remains”.

In China, media outlets said Tuesday that the city of Wuhan, where the virus first appeared in December, will carry out tests for all its 11 million people, but this news has not been officially confirmed.

With the exception of New York City, lifting the isolation will start in the US state of New York.

The city is still suffering from the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, as it records a quarter of the country’s total death toll of 80,000 so far.

According to a study published by the American Centers for Disease Prevention and Control on Monday, the high overall mortality rates recorded during the months of March and April reveal that the actual death toll from the epidemic may be in the thousands.

This does not only apply to New York City, as due to the lack of tests almost all over the world, the actual outcome of injuries and deaths remains incomplete.

Meanwhile, anxiety appears to have leaked to US President Donald Trump, who has limited contact with his deputy, Mike Pence, after she announced that Pence spokeswoman had been infected with the emerging coronavirus”.

This is something we will talk about, perhaps during this stone period,” Trump said at a press conference on Monday.

He appeared to confirm press information that Pence was placed in quarantine.