US armored vehicles entered northern east of Syria from Iraq headed to Syrian oil field

Media Reported, the entry of five vehicles of the US forces across the Iraqi borders to the “oil fields in Gibsa” in the Al Shaddadi region, south of Hasakeh governorate, northeast of Syria.

The reports pointed out that elements of the US army toured the oil and gas fields at the “Al Kubaiba,” “Ghuna,” and “Hawizia” stations, upon their arrival in the region, where the oil wells and their surroundings were photographed through a drone, so the armored vehicles returned to Iraq as soon as they finished the tast”.

Reports indicated that a large US cargo plane landed at US “Qasrak” base near the town of “Tel Baidar” north of Hasakeh, for the second time during the past 48 hours, and remained for more than 3 hours continuously at the base, then it took off to an unknown destination.

The US forces endeavor to increase their illegal military presence in Northeast of Syria (east of the Euphrates), coincides with the announcement of the expansion of new training courses for the local population of “SDF” elements, using the financial temptation and increasing salaries and wages.

It is noteworthy that the US forces reduced their presence in Syria about a year ago, and their presence was limited to the oil wells after their withdrawal from the bases of Jalabiyya and Ain Issa, north of Raqqa and the Yalda palace base in the town of Tal Tamr.

The US forces are present in a number of bases in Hasakeh governorate (Tel Hajar and Rumailan in the countryside of Al Malikiyah and the Directorate of Gibsa and Labor Housing in Al Shaddadi in the countryside of Hasakeh) and in the countryside of Deir Al Zour in the Omar oil field and the Koniko gas plant.