The United States establishing a joint force of from Al Tanf and SDF factions

A recent report highlights the US effort to build a military force in its spheres of influence in northeastern Syria.

An Arabic website 21 on the Turkish newspaper AYDI NLIK published the Pentagon’s efforts to prepare for the establishment of a joint military force from the Al Tanf factions and the SDF under the command of the commander of the Syria Democratic Forces, Farhat Abdi Shaheen, known as Mazloum Abdi, where he allocated $ 200 million the cost to be spent to create the new formation of Budget of the Ministry of Defense for the year 2021.

The sources indicated that these forces include 5 teams of commandos, including 1120, and a counter-terrorism unit of 600 members.

These forces will be assigned to protect the areas recovered from ISIS fighters.

It also began, in effect, to request the summons of the former officers who had undergone training in its bases from Manbij, Al Raqqa, Ain Al Arab (Kobane).

In a commentary, Khabar Turk newspaper considered that the US endeavor is part of the competition taking place with the Russian forces in the region in order to enhance influence and influence, especially since Russia recently started trying to win over the Hasakeh clans by holding several meetings with the tribal leaders.