Putin reveals an attempt to dismantle Russia from within 20 years ago

President Vladimir Putin said that those who funded terrorism in the Russian North Caucasus 20 years ago wanted to dismantle Russia from within, and the opportunity was given to implement their plans.

In a televised interview, Putin added: “Divide and conquer.

Those who want to divide us want to rule us.

This can be applied in relations between countries or in relation to a specific country in an attempt to destroy it from within.

Then they had every opportunity, to achieve and implement this hideous plan, we must announce it frankly”.

He continued in an interview devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the defeat of terrorism in the North Caucasus, which was recorded in the village of Boutlikh in Dagestan on September 12, 2019, and was published today for the first time: And everywhere.

It was codified and present in the so-called constitutions of various republics, in 60 of them.

In these constitutions or charters, write down everything except the expressions that these entities belong to the Russian Federation.