Turkey threatens armed militia leaders with files “scandals and corruption”

Turkish intelligence began threatening several leaders of armed militia loyal to it in northern Syria to open files related to personal scandals and corruption, to force them to continue to recruit elements to send them to fight in Libya.

Turkey’s transition from the style of intimidation to intimidation comes after a state of restlessness that started to occur in the cities of northern Syria and the fighters ’refusal to recruitment operations, especially after Ankara reneged on its promises, one of which was talking about paying high monthly salaries in exchange for fighting against the forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

The difficult conditions of the Syrian fighters in “Libya” and the intensification of the battles on their fronts, prompted most of the factions to stop the recruitment operations in the cities of northern Syria, which prompted Turkish intelligence to exert great pressure and threaten the leaders of the factions to open files related to corruption and scandals committed by them, according to opposition media sources.

The cities and towns of northern Syria have recently seen many defections of combat brigades within the Sultan Murad faction, in protest at the faction leaders’ dependence on Ankara’s orders and Turkey’s involvement of thousands of Syrian elements in the Libyan war.

And the size of those defections exceeded 700 fighters who left the platoon in full gear, including brigade leaders who were at odds with the platoon leader called “Muhammad Al Jasem” (Abu Amsha), in protest against his continued sending of elements from the platoon to fight on the Tripoli fronts.

After these defections, the brigades withdrew from many fighting points separating the Euphrates Shield control areas and the Syrian army forces in the countryside of Aleppo.