German intelligence: Washington wants to cover its failure to confront Coronavirus by accusing Beijing that its source is a laboratory in Wuhan

The German intelligence report has questioned US allegations that the Coronavirus is from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.

The magazine “Der Spiegel” said today, Friday, that the German Federal Intelligence Agency asked members of the US-led intelligence coalition known as the “Five Eyes” coalition to provide evidence to support the accusation, but that none of the members of the coalition, which includes the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, did not want to support Washington’s assertions.

An intelligence report presented to German Defense Minister Ingret Krump Karenbauer concluded that the US charges were a deliberate attempt to direct public attention away from the “failures” of US President Donald Trump.

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that there was “a large number of evidence” that the new Coronavirus emerged from a Chinese laboratory, but he did not question the US intelligence services’ conclusion that it is not the product of human action.

Trump said earlier that he had evidence that the virus might have been sourced from a Chinese laboratory, but today he tempered his accusations of China, likely this time that Beijing caused the pandemic unintentionally.