Syrian children covered behind Russian Military vehicles throwing stones at US army vehicle

Syrian children attacked a US army vehicle in the Al Hasakeh countryside with rocks, sheltering behind a Russian armored personnel carrier.

According to sources in Northern east of Syria, this incident took place in the town of Tannuriya in the countryside of Al Hasakeh, and a picture was posted showing a number of children throwing stones at an American military vehicle while they were sheltering in a Russian military armored vehicle.

In the recent period, cases of stone-throwing attacks by people in the Al Hasakeh countryside on US patrols were repeated in an expression of their rejection of the US presence in their country.

East of the Euphrates region in Syria recently witnessed repeated attacks on US forces and one of the attacks killed an US officer.

Damascus considers all foreign forces that entered Syria without the approval of the Syrian government, such as the US and Turkish forces, as occupying forces.