Syrian air defenses are responding to an Israeli aggression that targeted the research center in Al Safira area in the southeastern Aleppo countryside

The Syrian official news agency (SANA) said that the Syrian air defenses on Monday night responded to missiles fired by Israeli warplanes on military warehouses in the north of the country, noting that the investigation is still ongoing in the “losses caused by the aggression”.

The agency said in an urgent news, “The air defense media is responding to an Israeli aggression against the research center in Aleppo”.

Later, “SANA” quoted a military source as saying that Israeli warplanes launched missiles that targeted “some military warehouses in the Al Safira area, and our air defense means have confronted the hostile missiles and the losses caused by the aggression are being examined”.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that “explosions rocked the positions of the regime forces and Iranian militias in defense factories east of Aleppo,” noting that the raids “targeted Branch 247, Defense Factories, at Al Safira” located southeast of Aleppo and “resulted in the destruction of ammunition depots, without information on the size of the losses so far.

The observatory also reported other raids targeting eastern Syria.

The observatory said, “Three violent explosions were heard in Badiyat Al Mayadeen in the countryside of Deir Al Zour, coinciding with the flight of unknown planes, which are likely to be Israeli, targeting the locations of Iranian militias, without information on the size of the losses so far”.

In response to a question by Agence France Presse, an IDF spokesperson refused to comment.

In recent years, Israel has intensified the frequency of its bombing in Syria, targeting mainly Syrian army positions and Iranian and other Lebanese Hezbollah targets.

And last Thursday night, Israeli helicopters from the air of the occupied Syrian Golan fired rockets at locations in southern Syria in raids that “limited their damage to the materials”, according to official Syrian media.

These raids came after similar air strikes, which the Syrian authorities accused Israel of carrying out.

Israel reiterates that it will continue to respond to what it describes as Iran’s attempts to establish its military presence in Syria and to send advanced weapons to Hezbollah.