Le Monde: Coronavirus ends US leadership to the world

A French newspaper said yesterday, Saturday, that the new Corona virus will put an end to the world order that was established after the Second World War and the end of the American hegemony on the international scene.

The French newspaper “Le Monde” wrote that the world will witness many changes at the level of the international system. Among the most prominent of these indicators is the dependence of the World Health Organization on China, which has started to play a major role in destabilizing the existing global system.

The newspaper pointed out that the Coronavirus crisis revealed that the United States of America is no longer the main power in the world as it was previously.

The newspaper considered that if the ability of the United States to play the role of leadership in the world has declined more and more in recent years, the current crisis, which weakened the United States and made it the most affected by the Coronavirus, forced the Americans at last to give up the claim of this leadership.

The newspaper also pointed out that the Coronavirus epidemic dealt a serious blow to the unity of Europe, which has long been an ally of the United States of America, as Europe was unable to support even the countries most affected by the epidemic, such as Italy.

The newspaper concluded that in order to increase the impact on the establishment of a new world order, the European Union must review the structure of its construction and its own apparatus.