US channel talks about “implicit messages” in Syrian president cousin businessman Rami Makhlouf’s video and reveals the location of his filming, his residence, and his expected future destination

The US Arabic speaking “Al-Hurra” channel said on Saturday that Rami Makhlouf, the famous Syrian billionaire, the cousin of Syrian President, wanted to convey implicit messages in the video that had recently circulated to him, pointing to a Syrian source’s reference to the place where he photographed it.

The channel quoted “Syrian analyst and writer Ayman Abdel Nour” as saying that, “After his disagreement with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, he moved to the Slanfah region, a tourist area located at the top of the Latakia mountains, where temperatures drop sharply, so he was sitting in front of a fireplace, and not as rumored about his taking the video from inside a bathroom”.

Abdel Nour explained that “Makhlouf, who complained in the video to his cousin Bashar of the large number of taxes imposed on his companies, wanted to address his speech to the poor Alawite sect and the families of the military who died in the battles in defense of the regime”.

He added, “These are the ones who went to them only because he spends on them from his charitable organization and provides them with financial support, treatment services and other assistance.

They love him, respect him and call him the professor”.

He also added, “He wanted to tell them implicitly that if he harms his telecom company, this aid will go, and he wants to deliver another message to Assad, that if he gives him this money, he must spend it on the poor Alawites and not to buy luxuries and luxury items like The paintings, as he wished to play on the sectarian string, saying that if the aid goes and the names of Assad take it, through the Al Bustan Charitable Association, you will go to the Sunni community.

He said that since the taxation of Makhlouf, the dissolution of the Syrian Social Nationalist militia, the seizure of the Al Bustan Charitable Foundation and the imprisonment of its director, Makhlouf has gone to Slanfah and is no longer able to meet Assad.

He stressed that “Makhlouf is not alone in this latest attack, but all the big businessmen, given the need for the Syrian regime to have funds to buy wheat after its bankruptcy, otherwise the regime will face the risk of protests and anger in the areas it controls”.

He expected that in the next stage, Makhlouf would be forced to pay money or move to live in Russia with his father, the Uncle of Assad Mouhammad Makhlouf and other brothers of Rami.