Germany has banned Hezbollah, according to information from the Mossad that claimed that there were stores in the country for materials used in the manufacture of explosives

On Saturday, Israeli media revealed, that the Israeli “Mossad” apparatus transmitted to Berlin sensitive intelligence information about the activities of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” in Germany, which prompted the latter to ban its activities and consider it a terrorist organization.

According to Israel Channel 12, the information transmitted by Israel to the legal authorities and the German intelligence services included details of key figures in “Hezbollah” operating on German soil.

Channel 12 report, added that “part of the information also revealed Shiite businessmen who worked in trade and money laundering, and transferred hundreds of millions of euros to bank accounts belonging to the Lebanese organization”.

This money was used for the activities of the Hezbollah cells operating throughout Germany, according to the same source.

Channel 12 said that the Israeli “Mossad” provided Berlin with information about warehouses in a city in southern Germany, within which the party had hidden hundreds of kilograms of “ammonium nitrate” that is used in the manufacture of explosive materials.

Channel 12 quoted an unidentified Israeli official, saying: “The operation was the result of many months of work with all parties in Germany”.

The Israeli official pointed out that the heads of the German security services called on Israel to provide compelling evidence of the involvement of “Hezbollah” in clear terrorist activities, adding, “This is what we have done”.

The Israeli official noted that Bruno Kahl, head of German Foreign Intelligence (BND), is a “close friend of the Mossad”.

On Thursday, the German Ministry of the Interior announced that it had banned the activities of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” in the country, and designated it a terrorist organization.

According to the agency “Federal Office for the Protection of the constitution” (local intelligence), there are about a thousand people of “Hezbollah” in Germany.

In 2013, member states of the European Union banned the armed wing of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, but resisted pressure from the United States and Israel to ban it completely.