Turki Al Faisal reveals the number of princes of the House of Saud with Coronavirus

The former Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Turki Al Faisal, has spoken of cases of Coronavirus infection among members of the Al Saud family.

Turki Al Faisal said, in an article under the title “Coronary Thoughts”, published at the Saudi owned newspaper of Al Sharq Al Awsat in London, that the number of princes infected with the virus is less than 20 princes.

He explained that he revealed this number to deny what was reported by the “New York Times” weeks ago, about the presence of 150 princesses infected with the virus.

He added: “The specialized hospital was not allocated to them, but rather it treats all citizens and residents”.

The New York Times revealed early April that 150 princes had been infected with Coronavirus, and quoted officials at King Faisal Specialist Hospital as saying that it was dedicated to treating Coronavirus patients from the royal family, and that 500 beds were prepared for possible infections from the family and those close to them.

The “New York Times” noted that King Salman was isolated on an island near the city of Jeddah, for fear of transmission to him, while his Crown Prince Mohammed and a number of ministers went to another location on the Red Sea coast.

As of Thursday morning, the Coronavirus has infected more than 21,000 in Saudi Arabia, of whom 157 have died.