Russian Prime Minister announced that he is infected with Coronavirus

On Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced that he will be subjected to domestic quarantine due to his infection with the emerging Coronavirus.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin informed Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had contracted the emerging Coronavirus and that he had started applying home quarantine.

“My dear Vladimir Putin, it has just become certain that my tests on the emerging coronavirus have yielded a positive result,” Michaustin said in a video chat with the Russian president.

“In this regard, and in accordance with the requirements of public health, I must adhere to the home quarantine, and follow the doctors’ instructions,” added Michaustin.

“I must do this to protect my co-workers,” said Michael Michostin at the end of his speech with the Russian President.

On the other hand, Michustin addressed a word to the Russian people in which he said: “I want to appeal again to all of our country’s citizens, to take the problem of emerging coronavirus infection and spread it as seriously as possible, especially on the next holiday, and I ask all of you to stay at home and comply with all protection requirements Necessary”.

Michelstein expressed his confidence in the possibility of stopping the spread of the virus, adding: “The government is taking and will take all necessary steps to do so,” noting that the return to life depends on “the discipline of each of us,” and concluded by saying: “Take care of yourself and your loved ones”.

The Kremlin press service stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Acting Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Bellaosov as Prime Minister, after Mikhail Michaustin was infected with the Coruna virus.