Iran issue a Devastating threat to America and Israel

The secretary of the Expediency Council in the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohsen Rezai described the threats of US President Donald Trump to his country as “empty,” referring to two scenarios for expelling US forces from the region.

According to the Iranian “Fars” news agency, Rezaei said, everyone knows Trump well, that he is a gambler and pretends to be a threat, but his threats are empty, and we have seen a void of Trump’s threats in practice several times.

Rezaei added, there are two scenarios for expelling US forces from the region.

He continued, “One of them is that I am confident that the Americans will leave the region in the next 10 years and they have reduced their presence in Afghanistan and have reduced their forces in Syria and Iraq”.

He explained, “This has nothing to do with Trump because this strategy has been around since the Obama era, because the economic situation of the United States and the condition of American society are not allowing the United States to remain in many other countries and regions as before”.

He pointed out that America is first evacuating the Persian Gulf and going to the Sea of ​​Oman and the Indian Ocean. They will also leave Iraq.

He stressed that “the second scenario is that they might make a mistake and we will respond and that this confrontation will accelerate their exit, because the result of our conflict with the United States will be a severe defeat for them”.

Regarding the possibility of a confrontation between the Iranian and American forces in the Persian Gulf, Rezaei replied, “If the Americans make the slightest mistake, Iran will use unknown weapons and tools, such as the same satellite, Noor, which no one knew until we put it in orbit”.

“If Israel takes the slightest measure against us, it must be sure that we will destroy Tel Aviv,” he said.

He stressed: “We have developed scenarios for every type of adventure”.