Coronavirus worldwide: one million recovered and more than 230 thousand deaths and total cases exceeding 3 million, Europe is the most affected

The Coronavirus has killed at least 230,309 people since the epidemic first appeared in China last December, according to an AFP census based on official sources at 19:00 GMT Thursday.

More than 3,218,410 cases were recorded in 195 countries and regions, at least 922,900 have recovered.

This number reflects only part of the actual number of the injured, as tests to detect cases in a number of countries are limited to cases requiring hospital care.

Since the census yesterday at 19:00 GMT, 5,867 new deaths and 79,155 new infections have been recorded worldwide.

Countries with the largest number of new deaths are the United States with 2,271 new deaths, the United Kingdom 614 and Brazil 449.

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, whether in terms of the number of deaths or cases, as the death toll recorded on its territory 61,717 out of 1,054,261 cases.

At least 124,979 people have been cured.

The countries most affected by the epidemic after the United States are Italy with 27,967 deaths out of 205,463 cases, followed by Britain with 26,711 deaths 171,253 cases, Spain with 24,543 deaths 213,435 cases and France with 24,376 deaths 167,178 cases.

Among the most affected countries, Belgium has the highest number of deaths compared to its population, with 66 deaths per 100,000 people, followed by Spain 52, Italy 46, the United Kingdom 39 and France 37.

In mainland China (excluding Macao and Hong Kong), a total of 82,862 cases, 4 new cases between Wednesday and Thursday were registered, including 4,633 deaths (no new deaths), as well as 77,610 cases of recovery.

Since Wednesday at 19:00 GMT, the Maldives and Yemen have announced the first deaths from the virus on their soil.

As for the outcome distributed by continents, the total number of deaths in Europe reached 137,714 out of 1,468,718 cases, the United States and Canada 64,960 deaths, 1,107,276 cases, Latin America and the Caribbean islands 10,642 deaths, 203,429 cases, Asia 8,557 deaths, 221,273 cases and the Middle East 6,705 deaths, 172,294 cases and Africa 1,614 deaths, 37,354 cases and Oceania 117 deaths, 8,071 cases.

This toll was prepared on the basis of data collected by the offices of Agence France-Presse from the competent national authorities and information published by the World Health Organization.