US forces continue to “re-establish influence” east of the Euphrates with its oil under the protection of “highly experienced combat forces”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the US forces intend to withdraw the tasks of protecting the oil fields and lines east of the Euphrates from self-defense and hand them over to the SDF elements, provided that these elements have long experience and high combat experience and have been subject to previous battles with the Islamic State, this comes in the ongoing framework is in full swing by the Americans to re-establish their influence in the Euphrates region.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted sources that he did not name as “There is no truth to what is being promoted by the Americans giving up on SDF again and their intention to form forces from the Arab component only, while the Syrian Observatory published a few days ago, that the American forces intend to conduct secret visits to the military base of the island in the outskirts of The city of Raqqa”.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: “Al Qaeda is one of the largest military bases of the previous international alliance in which the Syria Democratic Forces are now present, and the US forces have conducted extensive visits to Al Qaeda during the past few days, amid information about its intention to return to station there in the framework of its efforts to re-establish its influence in the East Euphrates Force”.