Syrian Ministry of Health announces a map showing the distribution, ages and causes of Coronavirus cases in Syria

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced a map showing the distribution, ages and causes of infection with the Coronavirus in Syria.

The ministry has published, through its official website, the locations of the injuries that were represented by “30 cases in Damascus countryside, 12 in Damascus and 1 in Daraa”.

The ministry pointed out that “the number of recovery cases recorded is 8 in Damascus, with 11 cases in Damascus countryside”.

As for the three deaths, they are “one in Damascus countryside and two in Damascus”, knowing that the only case in Daraa is still being treated.

As for the age groups of the cases, it was “2 – ages 70-79 years, 10 – ages 60-69 years, 11 – ages 50-59 years, 3 – ages 40-49 years, 9 – ages 30-39 years, and 3 – ages 20-29 years old.

The number of cases among children and adolescents are 2 – ages 10-19 years, and 3 – ages of children up to the age of nine years, knowing that the division of gender of all cases is “21 female and 32 male”.

The Ministry also showed how to record cases, namely, “18 that occurred due to a contact with a confirmed case, 6 coming from abroad, 1 due to contact with an external visitor, and another case that appeared by random scanning”.

In addition to “1 case occurred in the workplace and 16 are unknown how it happened”.

The total number of infection with the Coronavirus in Syria was 43, of which 19 had recovered, and 3 had died.

It is noteworthy that the number of Covid-19 infections around the world exceeded 3 million as of Tuesday, 212,000 of whom died, while 935,000 were cured.