Shocking number of terrorists who came to Libya from Syria

Major General Ahmed Al Mismari, a spokesman for the “Libyan Army”, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced the monitoring of Turkish air exercises to target sites inside Libya.

Al Mesmari said that Turkey “always threatens to use excessive force against the armed forces.

Indeed, in the past days we have monitored how a group of aircraft simulated targeting locations inside Libyan territory, and the maneuver was in the Tripoli marine region, and participated, and it has 4 planes with a refueling plane”.

Al Mismari also announced that Turkish ground forces had recently participated in a major attack by Tripoli government forces on the city of Tarhuna, located in the southeast of the capital, Tripoli, noting that the attack took place “on a mortgage of 7 axes in a comprehensive operation in which Turkish marching aircraft and Turkish ground forces participated, they paid everything they had and could not even approach the outskirts of the city or its administrative space.

The Libyan military spokesman also spoke of the presence of 17,000 terrorists who came from Syria to Libya, and said in this regard, referring to the opponents in Tripoli, “They brought in large groups of Syrian mercenaries and other nationalities.

According to sources from within what is known as the Chief of Staff of the Syrian National Army of Turkey, there are more than 17 thousand terrorists who moved from Syria to Libya, nearly 1,800 of them returned to Syria, among them injured and wounded, and more than a thousand were killed.