Trump decides for a second day not to provide a press statement on Coronavirus, considering it a “waste of time” after widespread controversy over his proposal to use “sterilizers” to combat the virus

The Special Corps of the New Coronavirus in the White House decided not to hold a press briefing on Sunday for the second day in a row, in light of the absence of US President Donald Trump from the spotlight after controversial comments on Injection with disinfectants and sterilizers.

On Thursday, President Trump suggested that injecting patients with antiseptics and antiseptics might help treat the Coronavirus, in comments that have come under criticism.

The comments led to a warning from the manufacturer of cleaning products “Laesole” and “Dettol” against the consumption of disinfectants, and public health agencies issued warnings.

After an incomplete press briefing and without receiving questions on Friday and the lack of a press briefing on Saturday, Trump tweeted out on Twitter, raising questions about the future of the daily event.

“What is the purpose of holding press conferences in the White House when ridiculous media outlets ask only hostile questions, and then they refuse to report the truth or facts accurately,” Trump said.

“They get record ratings, and the American people get nothing but false news.

It is not worth the time and effort!”

Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday that his daily press conferences on the emerging corona virus do not deserve to be harnessed for her, two days after the controversy that sparked him in the world when he proposed injecting the body with sterile materials to combat Covid-19.

“What is the use of holding press conferences in the White House when all the media outlets are doing is asking hostile questions and later refusing to accurately report the facts,” he wrote.

“They are recording record audiences, and the American people only get false news.

It’s not worth it, not wasting time!”

Trump’s statements seem to confirm information to the US media that, due to his dissatisfaction with questions about his way to tackle the health crisis, he intends to suspend his press conferences, which are broadcast on television channels and sometimes last more than two hours.

The President of the United States, the country most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with more than 53,000 deaths, raised astonishment Thursday during one of his press conferences.

“I see that sterilizers kill it (Coronavirus) in a minute,” he declared.

one minute.

Is there a way to do something similar with an injection (in the body)? ”

However, the president tried to belittle his remarks and confirmed on Friday that he was speaking “ironically” on this issue.

On Friday evening, he ended his press conference 20 minutes later and refused to answer any question.

On Saturday, the White House did not hold any press conference after it organized 50 press conferences within two months.

Trump, who plans to run for a second term in November, used these conferences to flaunt his administration’s policies and reject criticism, attacking China, Democrats and American journalists.