Turkey has stopped funding the Syrian “Al Rahman Legion” faction for its refusal to send its fighters to Libya

Opposition Syrian media sources quoted reliable sources as saying that Turkey had stopped funding the “Al Rahman Legion” faction and most of its fighters from Eastern Ghouta and Homs Governorate, after refusing to send its members to Libya.

According to the sources, the funding was suspended by order of the leaders of the “Syrian National Army” loyal to Turkey.

According to the Syrian Observatory , the suspension of funding for the “Al Rahman Legion” came on the background of a request by the “Syrian National Army” to provide them with a list of names of fighters to send to fight alongside Tripoli government in Libya with Turkish orders, and after the leaders of “Al Rahman Legion” evaded the preparation of the lists.

As their refusal to send fighters to Libya, salaries was stopped to the “Al Rahman Legion”, more over  reducing the allocations provided to it for food and ammunition.

It is reported that there are fighters from the “Al Rahman Legion” who had gone to Libya individually after being recruited by Turkey.