Trump stunned the world by calling to inject sterile materials to fight the coronavirus in one minute, experts denounce the proposal and the White House accuses the media of distorting his statements

US President Donald Trump’s comments Thursday about injecting the body with sterile materials to fight the emerging corona virus have stunned the scientific community, with a number of specialists accusing the US president of not being responsible for putting forward this “dangerous” proposal.

“I see sterilizers eliminating it (the Corona virus) in a minute,” Trump said during the daily press conference on the pandemic in the White House.

Is there a way to do something similar with an injection (in the body?).

“It (the virus), as you know, enters the lungs and has a huge impact”.

It may be useful to verify this.

Doctors should be used for this, but it is interesting”.

His statement sparked a wave of condemnation among scientists.

“The idea of ​​injecting the body or drinking any type of detergent is irresponsible and dangerous,” said doctor Vin Gupta, a public health expert specializing in the lungs and central care of NBC.

It is a method frequently used by people who wish to commit suicide”.

On social media, a number of doctors and scientists have condemned Trump’s words.

“The setting fire to the body may be a useful alternative as well,” the French center, “Marseille Immunopol”, stressing that the methods proposed by the US President “will kill the virus and the sick at once!”

Walter Schop, former director of the Federal Service for Ethics under former Democratic President Barack Obama, tweeted, “Stop broadcasting his press conferences on the Coronavirus.

It endangers lives.

Please do not drink sterile materials and do not inject yourself with them.”

“Trump’s press conferences pose a public health threat,” said Robert Rick, former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Boycott this publicity.

Listen to the experts and please do not drink sterile products”.

Besides sterilizers, Trump also spoke of “ultraviolet radiation” or “very strong light” that could be directed to “inside the body” to combat the emerging Coronavirus.

On social networks, many netizens enjoyed the embarrassment that Dr. Deborah Birks, a member of the White House Crisis Cell, appeared about the virus, during the president’s statements.

In response, the White House on Friday accused the media of distorting US President Donald Trump’s statements about the possibility of fighting the emerging corona virus by injecting the body with sterile materials, which stunned the scientific community.

“President Trump has announced several times that Americans should consult with their doctors on the issue of treatments for the emerging coronavirus, a point that he stressed again during yesterday’s press release,” said White House spokeswoman Kylie McKinney.

“Leave it to the media to irresponsibly get President Trump’s statements out of context and spread negative headlines,” she added.