Trump signs a new stimulus package worth 484 billion dollars to turn into a law to implement it to face the repercussions of Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump on Friday signed the latest stimulus package, worth $ 484 billion, into a law to implement it, which aims to help small businesses and hospitals, and provide more funding to bolster Coronavirus testing.

The main part of the package includes $ 320 billion in loans to small and medium businesses.

Companies will be exempt from paying loans if they are used to pay workers ’salaries, if these companies have retained most of their workers.

The first batch of the wages protection program, which was worth about $ 350 billion, ran out last week, as the number of companies participating in the program exceeded its capabilities.

During the past five weeks, more than 26 million people have applied for unemployment benefit, after the government closed many sectors of the economy to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

A debate is going on between Republicans and Democrats to pass additional measures to help the US economy.

The latest stimulus package includes $ 25 billion to enhance the testing capabilities of the virus and $ 75 billion for hospitals.