The US and Israel: The Iranian satellite launch test was a complete success for the first time and Tehran has proven its ability to launch ballistic missiles from various locations, and this constitutes a new and dangerous challenge.

High-level security and military sources in both Tel Aviv and Washington said that the examination conducted by the intelligence services in Israel and the United States of America unequivocally confirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran had succeeded in launching the first military satellite, unlike in previous times, noting at the same time that this step It proves that it does not neglect its military readiness despite the damage caused by the outbreak of the “Corona” pandemic, in the words of the sources who spoke to the correspondent for military affairs in Israel Channel 13, Or Heller, late on Thursday evening.

For his part, the political correspondent of the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, Itamar Eichner, said, quoting senior sources in the Israeli occupation entity, that Iran had launched for the first time a satellite that was formally defined as a military by the Revolutionary Guards and its name is Arabic (Nour), and revealed meanwhile On a new platform for launching satellites, and about launching a new site for launching them, adding that these steps give the impression that despite the great damage that Iran has caused to the Coronavirus, it does not neglect its military readiness.

The same sources continued, saying to the Hebrew newspaper that it is true that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was a partner in launching satellites in the past, but this is the first time that Tehran has recognized that the talk is about military activity, and about the activity of a security organization whose first goal is to defend the mullahs’ regime, according to For media reports, the satellite has entered the low path that characterizes the imaging satellites around the globe.

In the same context, Tal Anbar, an expert in Iranian missile and space program, said that according to western media reports, it appears that the new satellite entered the aforementioned path, although we have not yet seen the pictures taken.

The Iranians have the ability to access commercial satellite imagery, and this ability helped them to plan a successful missile attack against Saudi oil installations, but there is also importance to operate spy satellites autonomously, according to him.

Anbar added that the new satellite was launched without prior notice and quickly through a three-stage mobile launch platform.

Thus, Iran broadcasts its signals that it can launch ballistic missiles from a variety of locations in the event of the fortified launch sites being built.

The launch of the first Iranian military satellite took place during a period of heightened tension in exchange for the United States, after the Iranian navy at the beginning of this week again provoked the ships of the American fleet in the Persian Gulf, and the American President Donald Trump issued orders yesterday to the fleet to destroy ships Iranian next time approaching US ships.

The Hebrew media confirmed that Israel condemned the launch of the military satellite by the Revolutionary Guards, and called on the international community to impose additional sanctions on the Iranian regime.

It came from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Hebrew TV emphasized, that Iran continues to focus its efforts on military aggression, rather than addressing its shortcomings in the face of the “Coronavirus” crisis in its territory, and the interest in tens of thousands of Iranian citizens who have been infected with the virus.

On the other hand, the US Department of Defense said that the evaluation concluded that the Iranian satellite launch test was successful for the first time, and Israeli TV channel added that Israel joined this opinion, noting at the same time that the success of the experiment is a very dangerous indication of Iran’s military capabilities, especially Missile.

President Donald Trump was asked during a press conference at the White House about the Iranian satellite, and he said: We are closely following, as he put it.

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Iran has spread misleading information about the virus around the world, including its need for resources to counter the outbreak of the Corona virus internally.

He added: Here they are today, launching satellites, and marching ships in the Persian Gulf, harassing American military ships and continuing to finance Shiite militias and working to support Hezbollah.

Pompeo considered it a challenge to a resolution issued by the UN Security Council in 2015, and he said that every country has the right to resort to the council, stressing that Iran will bear responsibility for its actions.

The resolution calls on Iran to refrain for eight years from working on developing ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear weapons, after the nuclear agreement concluded with six world powers.