Fears in Israel of civil disobedience in protest against the Coronavirus epidemic state of emergency exposed by officers and soldiers in a secret unit of the Military Intelligence

Sovereign circles in Israel fear a declaration of possible civil disobedience, in protest at an emergency imposed by the authorities to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

The “Haaretz” newspaper reported on Friday that the National Security Council in Israeli government, fears the possibility of civil disobedience, against the backdrop of measures taken by the government to confront Coronavirus.

The newspaper said on its website, that officers and soldiers in one of the secret units of the Israeli Military Intelligence, provided information to staff formed by the National Security Council, to discuss the reasons for the outbreak of a possible insurrection in the country.

The newspaper pointed out that the National Security Council attributed the possibility of civil disobedience to the loss of confidence by the Israelis in the political establishment, instructions of the authorities, and pressing economic conditions.

The Israeli authorities did not comment on what was reported by the well-known newspaper, but the government approved, earlier in the day, some facilities and eased restrictions on economic facilities idle due to the spread of Coronavirus.

The decision states that “the facilities begin from Saturday evening, until May 3 (May), that the authorities consider ratifying larger facilities based on the decline in the number of injured and deaths”.

For more than a year, Israel has witnessed a severe political crisis, after the failure of two elections in last April and September, to reach a consensus between the parties to form a government, while the third elections took place early March.

On March 17, Israel declared a state of emergency to counter the Coronavirus.

According to the most recent estimate of the Ministry of Health, the total death of Coronavirus has increased to 194, while the outcome of infections has reached 15,58.