544 new deaths due to Coronavirus in France raise the total to 21,340 and Italy announces that the number of coronavirus deaths has exceeded 25,000

The death toll from the Coronavirus in France rose to 21,340 cases, after 544 new deaths were recorded.

The Director General of the French Ministry of Health, Jerome Salomon, told a press conference on Wednesday that the total number of Covid-19 infections has risen to 183,268, following the registration of 1,827 new infections.

He added that 29, 741 people infected with the virus are receiving treatment in hospitals, including 5 thousand and 218 in intensive care units.

He emphasized that the number of patients in the intensive care units continues to decrease for the second week.

He pointed out that the number of people recovering reached 40,657, after registering one thousand and 587 new cases of recovery.

He noted that smokers take more time than others to recover.

France ranks fourth in the list of corona deaths worldwide, after the United States, Italy and Spain.

In Italy, the number of Coronavirus recorded death cases exceeded the threshold of 25,000 people, more than two months after the country announced the first cases of the disease.

The Civil Defense Authority in Rome announced on Wednesday 437 new deaths within 24 hours, bringing the official number of victims to 25 thousand and 85 victims.

Statistics of the Italian authorities indicated that the total number of confirmed cases of the virus has exceeded 187,000.

The infection curve in Italy has markedly flattened in the past two weeks, and hospitals in the highly affected northern country have hinted that their burden has eased.

As of Wednesday evening, Coronavirus infected more than two million and 610 thousand in the world, of whom more than 182 thousand died, and more than 714 thousand have recovered, according to the site “Worldometer” specializing in monitoring the victims of the virus.