The defectors from Maghwier Al Thawarh “Commandos of the Revolution” reveal what is happening in Al Tanf base and Rukban camp

Russian media outlets offered interviews with members of the armed group that split from the Maghwier Al Thawarh (Commandos of the Revolution) who were trained by US and who are present at the US base at Al Tanf and the “Rukban” camp in the Syrian desert.

A former instructor at the US Al Tanf base, Khaled Al Khudair, said that the situation in the Rukban camp is “catastrophic”, where there is not enough food and medicine for the displaced, while everything is available to the fighters, referring to the Maghwier Al Thawarh who oversees the camp care.

Al Khudair explained that he had to join the ranks of the Maghwier Al Thawarh “Commandos of the Revolution” in order to obtain a salary of $ 400, because he did not have money.

Al Khudair added that he tried to get his family out of the camp previously, but he was unable to do so because it cost him a lot of money.

For his part, the former guard at the “Rakban” camp K, who was working under the banner of Maghwier Al Thawarh “Commandos of the Revolution”, Eid Al Naif, said that he joined the “Maghwier Al Thawarh” in the Al Tanf area in order to get money.

He added that he was trained in weapons and explosives by the Americans at the Al Tanf base.

It is mentioned that the competent Syrian security authorities were able to secure the exit of members of an armed group from the Al Tanf area near the Syrian-Iraqi border and surrendered themselves with their equipment, weapons and mechanisms to the Syrian army.

A source told the Syrian “SANA” news agency that through follow-up and with a careful process, 28 militants, in addition to 6 pickup cars from the so-called Maghwier Al Thawarh “Commandos of the Revolution” operating under the supervision of the US army, were exited to the city of Palmyra and handed over all their equipment and weapons benefiting from the amnesty decrees Issued.

The source indicated that eight heavy vehicles were delivered on each of them with heavy machine guns, in addition to weapons that include five assorted machine guns, three snipers, seven US-made “M16” automatic rifles, eight Russian RPGs, grenade launcher, assorted ammunition, and night and day binoculars and various communication devices.

The source pointed out that similar operations had already taken place, but that this operation is the largest so far in terms of the number of militants, equipment, weapons and mechanisms that the group’s members brought with them.

A source from the group pointed out that there are many other armed groups in the Al Tanf region that have the desire to return but are waiting for the appropriate circumstance, indicating that they were attacked while they were leaving before they could reach the Syrian army, as well as the presence of several groups equipped with advanced weapons and flight It trains under the supervision of US forces in the Al Tanf area and is charged with attacking the Syrian army points and oil and gas fields and hitting the infrastructure of these sites.