Russia reveals tests of the world’s latest tanks in Syria

The Russian government has reported that the most recent tank, made in Russia on the “Armata” base, was field-tested in combat conditions in Syria.

Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Muntorov said in an interview with “Russia-1” published today, Sunday, that the Russian forces have conducted tests of the tank in the combat conditions in the Syrian territories in order to determine all the special points in developing this military mechanism to prepare its supply to Syria.

Manturov stressed that “Armata” is unparalleled in the world, and it is subject to permanent tests and updates, noting that Russia has received requests to start supplying these tanks to foreign countries, stressing that this will be possible only “after starting to supply the Russian army serially and obtaining Permission for the supply copy”.

The T-14 Armata is the only third-generation tank in the world, and is designed for combat in direct contact with the enemy.

This tank differs radically from its Soviet and Russian predecessors, as it adopts an unprecedented platform in the global tank industry.

It is equipped with a wide range of munitions fired by a 125 mm automatic gun, including missiles capable of destroying air targets.

It is not unlikely that this promising Russian tank will be equipped with a 152 mm cannon.

This tank is also equipped with effective and dynamic protection devices from missiles and anti-tank missiles.