Chomsky: Great horror and Trump at the forefront of the race have come close to the abyss

Noam Chomsky, an intellectual and linguist, talked about what awaits mankind during and after the Coronavirus in an exceptional appearance in a special episode on DiEM25 TV, and warned against the race to the brink of the terrible catastrophe that the world is going through, and the economic and social repercussions caused by the epidemic at the level of the whole of humanity.

The imminent existential threats to humans, the first of which are the increasing threats of nuclear war, and the second is the increase in the risks of global warming that will cause environmental disasters on the planet level.

Chomsky, who lives in self-isolation at his home in Tucson, Arizona, like at least two billion people, to take shelter from the Corona virus infection, which is ninety-one and belongs to the most age groups threatened by the deadly epidemic, today has the full time to reflect and reflect on what is happening or it will happen with this pandemic that led to measures of domestic isolation as well as quarantine and curfews, the armies taking to the streets in many countries of the world, and closing the borders between the cities of one country and many countries of the world in the most forced isolation and voluntary blockade throughout history.

Chomsky was born in 1928 at the end of the First World War and lived through many historical events.

He survived the Second World War, he wrote his first article at the age of ten about the Spanish Civil War after the fall of Barcelona in 1938, and he spoke in particular about the ruthless spread of “fascist plague” throughout Europe, analyzing where this would lead the epidemic.

Speaking about this article, he says: “I discovered later, after the internal documents were edited, that the analyst of the United States government at that time expected that the war would end with the division of the world into the air dominated by the United States and the regions it controls, and another region that Germany controls in Europe.

It became clear to me that my childhood fears were correct.

He adds: “These memories go back to now.

I remember Hitler’s speeches on the radio, I couldn’t understand the words at the time, but it was easy to understand the general mood and feel the threat echoed by the words.

Here I must say that I feel the same when I listen to Trump’s speeches today, which resonate with me.

It is not that I feel like a fascist, it is not so.

Fascism has a lot of ideology, but I see in it just a clown “sociopath” who cares only about himself, but the mood and fears raised by his words are similar to the days of my childhood.

And the idea that the fate of the country and the world lies in the hands of a clown and a sociopath like Donald Trump is horrific.


The edge of disaster

Coronavirus is dangerous enough, but it is worth noting that we are approaching the greatest horror, which is the race to the brink of catastrophe, an event far worse than anything that has happened to humans throughout history.

Trump and his followers are at the forefront of this race towards the abyss.

The abyss that is in fact two massive existential threats.

First, the growing threat of nuclear war, and the other, is the growing threat of global warming.

Both threats can be dealt with, but there is not much time to address them.

Coronavirus can have terrible consequences.

It is not possible to turn back, even if recovery occurs and recovery occurs.

This is how childhood memories come back to haunt me, but with a different dimension.

Chomsky says that since Trump’s election, three things can be seen: the threat of nuclear war, the threat of global warming, and the decline of democracy.

Although democracy is the only way to overcome the crisis if the public seeks to control its fate, and if it does not happen, and we leave our fate to this “social morator” we will end.

This danger is approaching, and Trump is the worst because of the overwhelming power of the United States he heads.

It is the only country that can impose devastating sanctions and killing, and everyone should follow it.

Even Europe.

Europe may not really like hate and sanctions against Iran, but they must follow the “teacher”, and those who do not comply with it are expelled from the international financial and economic system.

This is not the law of nature.

Rather, it is Europe’s decision to remain a “master teacher” in Washington.

Europe and many other countries, doesn’t even have a choice.

Returning to the Coronavirus, Chomsky sees it as one of the most severe shocks of the time.

One of the harsh aspects of the Corona crisis is the continued use of sanctions to increase pain with full awareness and to make suffering more bitter.


Cuba is helping Europe

He believes that “a country like Cuba suffers from sanctions, from the moment it gained independence, that it is astonishing that it survived and the Cubans were able to survive.

But one of the most ironic things now is that Cuba has offered to help Europe.

This is surprisingly shocking.

While Germany refrains from assisting Greece, we find Cuba providing assistance to Europe in its ordeal to counter the Coronavirus.

If you stop thinking, what does that mean?

There are no words to describe it.

Also, there are no words describing what happens in the Middle East, when you see thousands of people fleeing from devastated areas, and are sent to death decades after decades.

The crisis is a civilized crisis.

The West at this point is devastating. These events bring me back to childhood memories and listen to Hitler on the radio, chanting in the loud crowd…”.

In Chomsky’s view, exceptional measures applied by governments include closing internal and external borders, prohibiting roaming in some of them, and using the army to implement isolation measures, as happened or is happening in France, Spain, Italy, and many other countries that may cause the degradation of democracy and the tendency to tyranny in many regions of the world In addition to the collapse of markets and the global economic system, Trump’s use of the discourse of “war” is also cunning, and many European politicians and states talk about doctors as front-line soldiers against the invisible “enemy”.

The speech itself is being used in all media around the world, which raises a question about the impact of this speech on imposing a state of tyranny: Does Chomsky see that presenting the “virus” as an enemy is only to legitimize the “new state of exception” or is there something deeper in this the speech?


Military mobilization

Chomsky considers that “dealing with the virus crisis requires action in a manner similar to general mobilization in wartime.

This is not an exaggeration.

In a rich country like the United States, it has the resources to overcome the immediate economic and social problems caused by dealing with the virus, as happened in World War II when the United States announced public mobilization and led the country to a large debt and greater than what is imagined today, but it was a very successful mobilization, in practice Industrialization had quadrupled, the recession had recovered, and the country had regained the capacity to grow.

Today we need less to deal with the epidemic, we need the mindset of the social movement.

The mindset of the social movement to overcome – and in the short term – a severe crisis that expresses a catastrophic failure of neoliberalism and the market economy keeps on increasing.

Here we can remember how the swine flu was dealt with in 2009, hundreds of thousands of people recovered from the worst, and a vaccine was found to eradicate the epidemic when we moved quickly.

He added, “This has not happened today, despite the availability of information since December 2019, about the symptoms of a deadly epidemic whose causes are unknown, and which China submitted to the World Health Organization when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan and was circulated worldwide.

Trump’s and European leaders’ actions have been slow and irresponsible.

This is because of the commercial and economic calculations of neoliberalism that rules the world for fear of the losses that social isolation will cause, the closure of institutions and companies and the disruption of public life and for the benefit of these wealthy people.

Because of the market economy mentality, drug companies have preferred to manufacture skin creams than to find a vaccine or treatments for possible epidemics because they are more profitable.

They have known since the outbreak of the SARS virus possible coronary epidemic.

Research has been done since the SARS virus and the genetic sequence of the SARS strain to which the Coronavirus belongs is identified as a possible genetic evolution of the strain.

what happened?

Governments and drug giants have not devoted themselves to making treatments or vaccines to protect people.


pharmaceutical companies

“When we hand in our destiny to the private tyranny of pharmaceutical companies that are not accountable to the public,” Chomsky says, and in the interest of the wild neoliberalism that controls market economy and supply and demand philosophy globally and not just in the United States, where the new plague of neoliberalism leads us to perdition.

We have been betrayed by the political systems controlled by neoliberalism and run by the rich.

We have no choice but to “get out of the neo-liberal plague” to deal with the coming dangers looming around the world.

India, for example, where more than a billion are in social isolation, what will happen to those who live every day “from hand to mouth?”

They will starve and the lonely will die alone”.

“What about global warming in South Asia, when climate warming continues to rise, and with increased risks of drought, water scarcity and multiple conflicts arising around the world over water, there are countries like South Asia that may become uneniable areas for decades,” he says.

Asking about the fate of humankind after Corona, Chomsky considered that the coronavirus brought with it positive things that are warning signs to us of the imminent danger that looms in the near future to urge us to move and prepare.

In particular, democracy is in danger because of the state of exclusion, which is controlled by “a few who are the masters of neoliberalism”.

In addition, they will continue to control his opinion if an existential question that Chomsky urgently raises is not answered now under the black cloud of this crisis: which world do we want to live in?

Chomsky sees that “we have many options ranging from” a very authoritarian structure “in the world in which countries turn to more brutal, or the option of radicalization and the reconstruction of society, or other options such as returning to human terms related to human needs and not giving priority to the economic voice of the benefit of neoliberalism, which inflation will be happy with.

The massive violence of the state, whose manifestations may have started to appear under the pretext of dealing with the crisis of the Coronavirus, especially if the crisis is prolonged.

“Hearing what they called” the economic voice of neo-liberalism in the 1920s, says Chomsky, the happiest primitive fascism in Vienna and the Austrian state smashed trade unions and destroyed democracy.

This was what happened in Chile at the hands of Pinochet, who installed a murderer of a brutal dictatorship under the pretext of protecting the economy.

So it is expected – in his belief – that the global neoliberal system will act with excessive barbarity through powerful, authoritarian, violent countries.


A terrible nightmare

Corona’s crisis, Chomsky’s belief, is just one part of a terrible nightmare ahead, and if people don’t immediately start organizing themselves and solidarity with each other to achieve a much better world than the one they live in, they will face enormous hardship that has always hindered the path of truth and justice, as well as willingness To deal with the existential dangers of nuclear war, climate change, and disasters that will be caused by global warming, and that “we will not recover from it unless we are determined to confront it when we reach that stage, and it is imminent”.

Chomsky stresses a crucial historical moment for man.

Not only because of the Coronavirus, but because the virus brings us to awareness of the profound flaws humanity faces.

“The world is flawed and not strong enough to get rid of the profound imbalances in the entire global economic and social system, and replace it with a human world order so that there is a viable future for humanity”.

Chomsky believes that the Coronavirus is a “warning sign and lesson for humankind, and we have to look at the roots that lead to crises, which may be worse than what we face today, and prepare for how to” deal with them and prevent them from exploding!”

“At a time when the social distance in the procedures of domestic isolation, quarantine and social separation increases among millions of people in one country, or between billions of people across the world, how can we talk about creating an active social movement to confront what we live in today or what is coming and very close to the threats Existential?

This conversation may seem unrealistic, and some may think that the Internet age will facilitate things, but may see that social isolation started well before Coronavirus and has been caused by the excessive use of smartphones linked to the Internet, social media and all information technology, especially among young people, but it may It will be the way out and the means if it is best used to organize classes and social solidarity to create a wide social movement, if people can use these technologies well in times of domestic isolation and social separation, to join, attract, cooperate, coordinate and deliberate consultation Despite the obstacles that will cause them.

But Chomsky believes that people will find their way and will find other ways to continue, expand and deepen activities, restore their fractures and heal their wounds, to build a new, loveable world.

It suffices to possess the will, determination and determination!

It suffices not to lose hope”.