With arms… Americans demonstrate in the streets, refusing house quarantine and Trump supports them

Thousands of residents of the US state of “Michigan” went out with a popular demonstration, during which a gun battle took place, to denounce orders to stay at home, calling for the state to be reopened.

Activists circulated on social media a video clip showing the anger of the protesters, while one of the participants said: ‘We are tired of not being able to buy the things we need, and go to the hairdressers’.

The demonstrators chanted from the staircase of Lansing Town Hall against the Democratic Governor Gretchen Wimmer, saying with one voice, “hold her”.

This move organized a coalition of conservative groups under the name “Michigan residents against exaggerated stone”, and caused a traffic jam in the city center.

Hundreds of people gathered later in front of the local government headquarters, holding up signs saying “Stop isolation”, “We want to work,” and “To live free or die”.

Groups armed with automatic weapons and wearing bullet-proof vests mixed with families who had submitted to protest measures they deemed to be too strict imposed until 30 April.

For her part, the Democratic Governor said that she understands the frustration, but the “sad irony” about the demonstration is that this march could have spread the virus more and thus created the need to extend the stay at home in Michigan.

Dozens of opponents of the stone also gathered in front of the Virginia State Government headquarters in Richmond, to protest the extension of the state of health emergency until May 8.

This decree closed many shops and prevented gatherings of more than a dozen people.

Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are indifferent to the quarantine

In parallel, President Donald Trump’s daughter and counselor Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have ignored official quarantine recommendations to celebrate Jewish Passover, the White House confirmed on Thursday.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, from Washington, went to the Trump family golf club in New Jersey for the occasion that began celebrating on April 8 and ended Thursday.

In a statement, the White House defended the move, saying, “Ivanka – with her limited family – celebrated Easter at a closed facility that is a family home.

And the way she moved was not at all different from the way she moved to work and the place was less crowded than the surrounding of her home in Washington.

Elsewhere in the United States, there have been demonstrations calling for an end to the isolation in recent days in North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio.

Other similar demonstrations are expected to take place in Concord, New Hampshire and in Austin, Texas.

Trump: To liberate 3 US states!

And yesterday, Trump called for the “liberation” of the US states he mentioned by name, in a sign indicating his rulers’ unwillingness to ease restrictions imposed on the population due to the “Coronavirus” outbreak.

Trump wrote in three tweets: “Free Minnesota. Free Michigan. Free Virginia”.

In a previous tweet, Trump accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House majority leader Chuck Schumer and the “radical left” of causing “people to lose their jobs”.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced last Wednesday that he intends to maintain the current closure for fear of an increase in cases of Covid-19 infection.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitman is also facing court cases after her decision to extend keeping residents in their homes.

A group calling itself “Free Minnesota” launched demonstrations to challenge a similar decision by Governor Tim Walz.