United States lagging behind in providing international aid in light of the spread of Coronavirus as China is the one who provide aid in its place

For the first time since the Second World War, the United States and Western countries stop providing financial assistance to most countries of the world, especially the Arab countries, after the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). China, on the other hand, is the one that provides aid to all countries of the world.

Where the United States was keen to show itself as a sponsor of the countries of the world since the Second World War by providing financial and logistical assistance such as food, equipment and weapons to the poor countries, and stood by the Arab countries in multiple crises.

However, this time, the United States did not issue any solidarity stance with the world, as US President Donald Trump raised the banner of defending his country, and he hardly wanted to direct some millions of dollars to some countries, which did not show interest in them.

In contrast, many countries in the world received almost all important medical assistance from China, which consisted of shipments of medicines and equipment such as medical masks, respirators, and rapid detection devices for the virus, and medical teams in some countries came to help fight the Coronavirus, and Chinese medical aid is the main to be sent to many countries, such as Arab countries like Syria, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia, and countries from the five continents also received aid and facilitation of deals related to medical goods.

International experts see that the world is on the verge of a huge economic crisis, so the countries of the world want to obtain Chinese investments and loans to get out of the current crisis after the United States abandoned its role and is suffering from the consequences of what is going on, as the Chinese banks have the largest financial reserve and this is due to the surplus Trading in favor of China.

Therefore, China will seize this historic opportunity to turn into the largest provider of aid to needy countries, which is another step towards its position as world power leader and may be an alternative to the United States in the near future.