Why did China delete its research on the origin of Coronavirus from the Internet?

US media reports have stated that the Chinese authorities are tightening the screws on publishing academic research on the origin and how the emerging coronavirus appears.

According to American data, Beijing is closing in on research related to the malicious virus, as media documents indicate that both the “Fudan University” and the China University of Earth Sciences in Wuhan, delete research on the origin of the virus from their website.

The Chinese authorities justified the move by circulating a decision stating that epidemiological research should be subject to government review and monitoring.

Experts believe that Beijing’s efforts aim to control the novel of the origin of the Coronavirus epidemic, by tightening its grip on the dissemination of research.

Accusing China of hiding the facts about the epidemic is not new. US President Donald Trump has sharply criticized Beijing for its alleged inaction in the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Chinese government rejected the accusations, stressing that it is transparent about announcing the reasons for the spread of the virus.

Experts believe that the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic threatens to push China-US relations to a more difficult and dangerous stage, and that this may significantly affect the course of the disease and the shape of the world after its decline.