Trump announces that the time has come to “reopen” the US economy in three stages and confirms that a long-term closure will cause massive damage to public health

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that it is time to “reopen” the US economy, which was halted by the spread of Covid-19.

He explained during a press conference at the White House that the reopening of the country will take place in stages “state after state” and on the basis of “verifiable” data to avoid a new wave of the virus.

Trump announced that the authorities would gradually reopen the economy and lift the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, indicating that a long-term closure would cause massive public health damage.

US President Donald Trump said his country’s strategy to fight Corona has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to be saved.

And US states began to indicate a date, and how to start resuming economic activity in the coming weeks, as Trump announced guidelines today, Thursday.

Three regional coalitions of state governors, East Coast and West Coast, and American Midwest were formed to coordinate the reopening process.

Some areas with large urban parts, and largely Democrat residents, including New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, have extended orders to stay home for weeks, while some states less affected by the Coronavirus have resisted, the majority of them from rural areas whose residents belong to Republicans, It did not indicate any expansion of the closure procedures.

There are persistent concerns that the inability to conduct tests to detect coronavirus cases will hamper a rapid reopening, due to concerns about the resurgence of the epidemic and that citizens will lose confidence in resuming their usual actions.

However, Trump indicated that he wanted the business sector to return to normal as soon as possible.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said, that is the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, today extended the state’s closure state to curb the spread of the virus until May 15, which means keeping all unnecessary employment at home, as well as closing all unnecessary work.

Cuomo is the spearhead of the East Coast coalition, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Cuomo said at his daily press conference: “We took control of the monster.

And we reduced the prevalence rate”.

He pointed to a decline in the rate of hospital patients and intensive care cases, and those in need of artificial respirators.

He said of the extension until May 15: “What will happen next?

I don’t know… we’ll see depending on what the data will show”.

Cuomo said the state needs to strengthen the health care system, conduct large-scale screening and monitoring of contacts, and for this “we want the federal government to cooperate with us.”

It is noteworthy that the state of California, which is inhabited by more than 40 million people, is part of a coalition of western states that will coordinate the process of reopening its economy.

State Governor Gavin Newsum said his state must be able to adequately provide broad-based tests, among other measures, before it is able to ease public health restrictions.

Christie Noem, the governor of rural South Dakota, refused to issue an order to stay at home in her state, and said voluntary compliance and guidelines were sufficient, despite the outbreak in the meat processing plant there.

On the other hand, Trump hesitated between demanding “absolute” authority over when the states would open their business, and noting that the decision related to each state separately.

America is ranked first as the largest country in the world in terms of confirmed cases of coronavirus, as well as deaths.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases in the country reached 640 thousand, and deaths exceeded thirty thousand.