Haaretz: The Israeli army lacks the experience and capacity required to manage the Coronavirus crisis

The Haaretz newspaper reported that, in talks with a group of contacts related to the issue of transferring the management of the Coronavirus Crisis to the Ministry of Security, it turned out that it was not certain that the Ministry had the required capacity to do so.

The newspaper added that “the National Emergency Authority has no budgets or means to manage the steps,” saying that “the matter is being applied to the army as well.”

Haaretz report noted “the Home Front Command is particularly restricted in this area.

The IDF has logistical capabilities to help transport food, equipment and people from one place to another, but it does not have the capabilities required to make decisions on the matter of the civilian population”.

In the context, authorities in the security establishment told Haaretz that the National Emergency Authority is mainly on paper, not to lead the home front, while the tools to manage a civil crisis, and that the security establishment never prepared for a virus, but only prepared for war.

On Wednesday, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that the total number of new infections due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus had increased to 12046, by 460 new infections during the past 24 hours.

While deaths increased to 124 by 7 new deaths.

The critical cases reached 175 new cases, the average reached 177, while 133 patients receive complete artificial respiration.

Recovery cases rose to 2195 by 195 new cases.