An EU recognition of not providing the necessary support to Italy to face the Coronavirus

European Commission President Ursula von der Line has admitted that the European Union has not provided the necessary support to Italy in tackling the Coronavirus.

This came in a speech she delivered, Thursday, during her participation in the General Assembly of the European Parliament.

Ursula explained that the outbreak of the Coronavirus surprised the countries of the Union, which were not prepared enough to face the epidemic.

The European official called on all member states of the European Union for solidarity and cooperation to face the epidemic.

“When the epidemic broke out, countries were not ready to face it, and we must accept this fact”.

“No one lent a helping hand to Italy when it was most in need of help, so I apologize to Italy on behalf of all Europeans,” she added.

She stated that during this period the European Union realized that it must protect everyone in order to be able to protect themselves.

She pointed out that the necessary medical supplies have reached all parts of the European Union, and that the member states are beginning to show good cooperation and solidarity to confront Coronavirus.

As of Thursday morning, the number of Coronavirus cases worldwide exceeded two million and 84,000, of whom more than 134,000 died, while more than 515,000 recovered, according to the Worldometer website.