The latest hacks conspiracy theories… 5G the cause of coronavirus

In light of the world’s preoccupation with seeking to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, searching for a cure, and intensifying the search for a vaccine and grief for those who lost their lives and prayers for those who struggle for their lives, the conspiracy theorists about the virus are still working at their maximum potential, causing more confusion, chaos and even crimes, and the last of those theories Related to 5G technology, what is the origin of that theory, and what do experts say about it?

At least three towers in the fifth generation networks have been set on fire in Britain due to widespread rumors linking the Corona virus and the fifth generation technology (5G), according to a BBC report.

Ignite incidents are the latest crimes resulting from the common or conspiracy theory that alleges that the launch of experimental broadcasts for the fifth generation networks in the Chinese city of Wuhan autumn last year is the direct cause of the appearance of the Coronavirus, as video clips spread in Britain to workers who connect the fiber networks of the generation network The fifth is subject to verbal harassment; a woman claimed that the fifth-generation network “will kill everyone”.

A spokesman for Vodafone UK confirmed that four towers, not just three, were targeted in the last 24 hours, adding that the police had launched an investigation to set fire to the 5G network towers.

It is interesting to note that another mobile tower in Birmingham has been set on fire even though it does not provide 5G service.

The spokesperson said: “Our engineers are currently assessing the cause of the fire in one of our towers in Birmingham and if it turns out that it was a fire caused by an act – which is what appears to be most likely now – we will cooperate with the police to arrest the perpetrator,” adding that “the tower serves Several thousand people in the Birmingham area have been providing 2G, 3G and 4G services for years, and the fire caused severe damage”.

When did that theory emerge, and who is behind it?

As usual in such rumors and conspiracy theories, Russia appears immediately in the image of the main suspect, and although many groups on Facebook were feeding the health concerns of the fifth generation network in general, including linking them to the appearance of Coronavirus, a report published by The New York Times last year He warned that Russian rumor campaigns are effectively exploiting health concerns about 5G technology.

But it is important here to mention a piece of information that RT America – the government-funded Russian TV network – broadcast a report more than a year ago in which one of the channel’s correspondents claimed that the fifth generation network “may kill you all”.

It is striking here that the phrase “the fifth generation network will kill you all” hesitates in all the literature – so to speak – associated with that rumor or theory, whether in videos or publications that are shared hundreds of thousands of times through those who are convinced of that theory or rumor, and it is clear that they On the increase, contrary to the logic of things.

It appears that a rumor or theory of the link between the fifth generation and Koruna appeared for the first time on Facebook at the end of January, with the first cases of coronavirus infection being discovered in the United States, according to a BBC report.

In general, the proponents of this theory are divided into two camps, each of which adopts an explanation; the first camp claims that the fifth-generation waves can dampen the immune system, making people more vulnerable to coronavirus infection, and the other camp believes that the virus can be transmitted in some way through the use of technology Fifth generation.

Is there any possibility, even from afar, to have a percentage of righteousness?

The beginning of the link between the emergence of the Coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan in conjunction with the launch of the fifth generation services in the city last fall as the first city where the technology is being tested cannot be correct for the simple reason that the virus has spread throughout the world, and spread as a focus in Iran without the fifth generation Originally, the same applies to Japan and British cities where there are no 5G network towers.

“The idea that the fifth generation waves dampen the immune system does not stand up to scrutiny,” says Simon Clark, professor of microbiology at Reading University.

Our immune system can be weakened after a tiring day or by an improper diet.

Our immunity is constantly exposed to these slight fluctuations, and may make us more vulnerable to infection with viruses”.

The doctor adds to BBC: “Electromagnetic waves can harm your body’s organs, as they raise your temperature, which means disrupting the immune system.

However, the energy levels of the fifth-generation electromagnetic waves are very small, and they can in no way have enough power to affect the body.

A lot of studies have been done on this subject”.

If we look at the range of electromagnetic waves, we will find that those used in the fifth generation and other mobile technologies belong to the category of low frequencies.

Waves in this category, weaker than visible light waves, are not strong enough to damage cells, unlike the high-frequency category that includes sunlight and x-rays used in medical applications.

Adam Finn, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Bristol, said it was also impossible for fifth-generation networks to transmit the virus.

He said: “The current epidemic is caused by a virus transmitted from one infected person to another.

We know this is true.

The virus is obtained from a person with the disease.

The work of phones and the Internet is connected to completely different things”.

On April 5, Britain’s Minister of Cabinet Affairs Michael Gove denied the theory, saying at a news conference: “This is just nonsense… dangerous nonsense, too”.

Stephen Boyce, the medical director of the National Health Service in England, also stressed that the “conspiracy” theory is complete nonsense, adding that “the story of the fifth generation is complete nonsense”.

It is kind of false news… the reality is that mobile phone networks are important to all of us, especially when we ask people to stay in their homes”.

“There are also the telephone networks that emergency services and health workers use, and I am completely angry and disgusted by people attacking the infrastructure we need to deal with this health emergency,” he added.