Snowden to a Hebrew newspaper: Netanyahu’s use of the Shabak to find Coronavirus patients, break into their homes and transfer them by force for treatment is more dangerous than the pandemic itself and I do not understand why the Israelis did not rise up

The former National Security Agency (NSA) agent, Edward Snowden, who unveiled a system tracking the American administration to its citizens, has strongly criticized the Israelis for not having protested at all to the decision of the head of the Israeli caretaker government, Benjamin Netanyahu, three weeks ago, to use information stocks held by the security apparatus.

The year (Shin Bet), which is dubbed “The Tool,” to track Israelis, claiming they were infected with the Coronavirus.

Snowden said, in an interview with the newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” conducted in Moscow, an analyst specializing in security and intelligence affairs, d. Ronen Bergman said that it is really difficult for me to understand how this matter did not cause you a big storm, and he surprised me that the Israeli public does not realize how dangerous this information stock is in the hands of the net, he said.

He continued: Although Israel is in perpetual war, it must be remembered that a large part of your population is there as a result of a catastrophe, and deliberate atrocities occurred through the misuse of the system of records that the Nazis put in Germany.

I say to the Israelis: Put your feelings towards Netanyahu or his opponents in the opposition aside, they are less important, adding at the same time that what Netanyahu is doing, using the secret information about the citizens, that the “Shabak” possesses is more dangerous than the Coronavirus pandemic, Same, according to him.

He pointed out in the context of his speech that for the first time, mankind is using this kind of tracking, and that Israel is the only “democratic” country that uses the information gathered by the General Security Service to “spy” on citizens, and this matter, in Snowden’s opinion, as he told the Israeli newspaper, It is a preparation by the security authorities in the occupation entity for an infrastructure to completely eliminate the rights of citizens almost entirely, pointing out that finding Coronavirus patients through the intelligence apparatus, and then sending workers to open closed doors, and storming homes to transport patients to the Hospitals, something the human mind cannot tolerate, Snowden told the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

It is noteworthy in this context that the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives had issued a scathing report, accusing Snowden of leaking information that caused tremendous harm to the national security of the United States.

The commission said in its report that Snowden is not reporting the wrongdoing as he claimed, and that most of the material he stole from the National Security Agency reveals intelligence and defense programs that bring great benefit to US foreign adversaries.

The committee stated that while the full extent of the damage caused by Snowden’s leakage of this information is still unknown, a review of the materials allegedly disclosed explains that he has delivered secrets that protect US forces abroad, and secrets that provide basic defenses to address terrorists, and the Commission has only published a summary of four Pages are only for the report, which she said is 36 pages long, and is still very classified, but the summary contained strong expressions of Snowden’s actions and background.

The report contains allegations not previously announced about Snowden and his possible motives to seize government secrets.

Snowden, who sought refuge in Moscow after fleeing to Hong Kong, was and still is exaggerated and fabricated, he said, and the report said that Snowden allegedly obtained a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma but this never happened, and he added that he claimed that he was a senior advisor to the agency The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but he actually worked as a computer technician.

While the report indicates that Snowden stole 1.5 million documents that are sensitive, other sources who have examined materials handed over to the media say that the total ranges between 200 and 300,000 documents, and some American officials involved in investigations related to Snowden case admitted that the US government does not know the number of documents that Snowden carried and that figure is 1.5 million.

The report also disputes Snowden’s motives to seize classified information and leak it, saying he had quarreled with NSA managers in June 2012 about how to perform updates to computer systems.

He said that an employee in charge of the contracts rebuked him for not following proper procedures for filing a complaint, and that he began downloading classified information two weeks later.

In addition, the journalist who was the first to publish Snowden leaks said that the latter has more secrets related to Israel to reveal.

Among the allegations that Snowden leaked last year was that the US National Security Agency and its British counterpart, DCHC, targeted in 2009 the email address assigned to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and monitored e-mails of senior defense officials. Israel played down Snowden’s revelations, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he had ordered a review of the matter and that there were things that should not be done among the allies.

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, met the British “Guardian” face to face with Snowden and wrote or co-edited many of the reports published by the newspaper and relied on the material he collected.

During an interview with an Israeli TV, asked if Snowden had more secrets about Israel, he said: Yes, I do not want to talk about any reports that have not been published yet, but certainly, there are a large number of very important reports that have not been published yet, he said.