Russian forces deployed west of Qamishli and expectations of a clash with “SDF” and US forces

Russian forces deployed combat groups to the western entrance to the city of Qamishli in Hasakeh countryside, amid speculation that the Russian forces intend to establish a fixed point for them at that location.

Local sources reported that the Russian forces deployed groups at the western entrance to the city of Qamishli on the road leading to Amuda district in the northwestern Hasakeh countryside, explaining that the Russian forces had deployed at another point near the village of Himo, which is also west of the city Qamishli to the north also towards the border with Turkey, noting that the forces that were deployed coincided with the flight of Russian helicopters over the area.

The sources did not rule out the intention of the Russian forces to install points at that location and control the road completely, pointing out that if the Syrian army forces settle at the entrance next to the Russian forces, tension may occur with the “Syria Democratic Forces” and the American forces that are roaming in Qamishli city sometimes.

The sources said that Qamishli has two main entrances, the first from the international airport side, controlled by the Syrian army and the Russians, and the second from the west, and controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces “SDF”, and in the event that the Syrian army forces control the western entrance with the Russian forces, they will be It is in full control of the entrances and exits of the city, whose control is divided between the Syrian army and “SDF” forces.

Russia had established a permanent base for it at the airport in Qamishli, southeast of the city of Qamishli, which is controlled by the Syrian army, and also deployed in a number of points in its vicinity, which enabled Russia to control the road to Abu Rasin, and from there to the city of Hasakeh.

The control of the Syrian army and Russia over the western entrance to Qamishli will cut off the communication between “SDF” and the US base in the Himo region.

It is noteworthy that the American forces, according to the sources, are taking a major military base in the Himo region, and the base contains, according to the sources, a prison in which leaders and dangerous elements from ISIS, and also a headquarters of US intelligence.