Coronavirus forces Trump to withdraw from his tough immigration policy

US President Donald Trump has vowed not to be exposed to underground immigrants working in fields and basic services, the second pledge in a few days after he opened immigration doors for foreign doctors to join the U.S. workforce.

Trump made immigration a Trojan horse in his election campaign that brought him to the White House in the 2016 elections.

During his presidency, he tried to build the separation barrier with Mexico, and gave immigration interests the power to storm homes and pursue illegal immigrants to drive them out in exhibition scenes.

The Coronavirus created a new situation in the United States and struck President Trump’s schemes.

Americans have fled fields and workers, including foreigners, who have a legal residence card for fear of being exposed to the virus.

In the face of this situation, the Trump administration has become very flexible, as it stopped chasing immigrants and demanding that they work in the fields and go to hospitals in case they feel the symptoms of corona.

Trump came under pressure from farmers and agricultural companies that support him in the elections and demanded that he ease the security grip against immigrants, which he pledged over the past days.

The harvest season began in California, and 800,000 people work in this sector, 60% of whom are undocumented.

In the face of the effects of the virus and fear of Trump, the state may witness the worst agricultural season since the founding of the United States.

For its part, the Los Angeles Times wrote, “A global pandemic should have been expected until the Americans knew the value of clandestine migrant workers and for Donald Trump to give up his policy and fiery statements against people who provided great services to the American economy”.

This is the second time that Trump has backtracked on his decision regarding the immigrants file.

He announced two weeks ago that immigration was open to doctors and health professionals from all over the world to the United States, and he had closed the door to the immigrant minds that used to join the United States.

With this, the Coronavirus has succeeded in striking Trump’s policy towards immigrants, and if it does not succeed in saving the agricultural season that depends on immigrants, it will lose all chances in the upcoming presidential elections.