Coronavirus cases around the world exceed one million and 900 thousand, and the United States tops the list with 573 thousand and 827, followed by Spain with 169 thousand and 469, then Italy with 159 thousand and 516, and France came fourth with 128 thousand and 92

According to Worldometer data showed that, the total number of coronavirus infections worldwide reached one million and 909 thousand and 453 cases.

The United States topped the list of cases globally with 573,827, followed by Spain with 169,469, and Italy with 159,156.

France came fourth with 128,92, Germany followed with 88,621, while China remained at 82,160.

On the other hand, the number of deaths from the virus worldwide reached 118,504, while the number of people recovering from the disease rose to 440,273, and one million and 345,639 are still receiving treatment.