CNN accuses Trump of causing the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus in the United States

US media has accused President Donald Trump and his administration of causing the widespread outbreak of the Corona virus in the United States, and the country tops the list of covid-19 deaths with more than 22,000 deaths.

The US network CNN said on Monday that Trump had failed to manage the Coronavirus pandemic, and that the United States still lacked even a basic plan to control the epidemic and revitalize the economy.

According to official statistics, 62 people die in the United States out of every million, while Johns Hopkins University estimates the number of deaths in Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan with one death per million people, and in China, South Korea and Singapore, 5 deaths per million.

In the context, the American Network considered that Trump was not the only one who failed to manage the Corona crisis, noting that many European countries were on the same path.

As of Monday afternoon, the United States had recorded more than half a million cases of coronavirus.

As of Monday noon, the number of Coronavirus sufferers worldwide exceeded one million and 864,000, of whom more than 115,000 died, while more than 433,000 recovered, according to the website.