US senator: What Saudi Arabia did to dump oil markets during Coronavirus epidemic is unforgivable and unforgettable

US Senator Dan Sullivan said that what Saudi Arabia had done to dump oil markets during the Coronavirus epidemic was unforgivable and unforgettable.

Sullivan said, in statements reported by Reuters, that Saudi Arabia took a step after its unforgivable mistake, calling on it to solve the problem of dumping markets with oil and moving now to reduce production.

Sullivan’s comments coincide with the announcement by members of the US Senate from representatives of the oil producing states that they had held a two-hour call with Saudi officials on oil markets.

These members recently proposed legislation to leave the US-Saudi forces.

Saudi Arabia and Russia are close to reaching an agreement to cut production by ten million barrels per day.

Oil prices fell to their lowest level in 18 years after the Coronavirus closed economies around the world after Saudi Arabia and Russia, two of the largest producers in the world, increased their production in a race for a market share.

The invitation was led by Senator Dan Sullivan and Senator Kevin Kremer, members of the Senate Armed Forces Committee who proposed legislation in March for US forces to leave Saudi Arabia and transfer Patriot missiles and the Missile Defense System if the country did not cut oil.