The US Peace Council calls for the lifting of coercive economic measures imposed on Syria

The US Peace Council called on the US administration and the United Nations to immediately lift unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on more than thirty countries, including Syria, especially after the global spread of the Coronavirus and its devastating impact.

In an open letter published on its website in several languages, including English, Spanish, French and Arabic, the organization stressed that the global spread of the Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the illegal and immoral practice of imposing unilateral economic coercive measures by the United States against more than thirty countries, describing these sanctions as “Economic war” and crimes against humanity, as the target countries suffer in light of the devastating impact of the global epidemic, especially Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and Zimbabwe, from the great difficulties in protecting the lives of their citizens and saving them in the face of the emergency The ongoing global.

In its letter, the organization called on the United States government to respect international law and immediately end economic sanctions imposed on all targeted countries and immediately freeze the financial assets and bank accounts of the targeted countries so that it can purchase and receive food, medicine, medical equipment and supplies necessary to combat the Coronavirus in addition to stopping all threats and military actions against countries the target, including the removal of American warships sent to Venezuela under the false pretext, is the “war on drugs”.

The organization also called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the leadership bodies of the United Nations to abide by the articles of the Charter of the International Organization calling on the UN Security Council to lift all sanctions imposed by the United Nations also on a number of countries.