The United States surpassed Italy and recorded the highest deaths of Coronavirus in the world after 783 new deaths were registered in New York and school closures extend until September

The United States overtook Italy on Saturday, to record the highest death toll from the emerging coronavirus, more than any other country, according to Johns Hopkins University.

According to university data, reported by Bloomberg News, the United States has recorded 19,563 deaths, after 783 new deaths were registered in New York.

By Saturday evening, statistics showed the United States topped the list of Coronavirus deaths globally, while Italy ranked second with 19,468, Spain third with 16,353, then France fourth with 13,197, and Britain fifth with 9,875.

The United States tops the list of injuries globally with more than half a million cases, followed by Spain and Italy.

The country also became the first in the world to record more than 2000 deaths from the virus in one day.

Statistics by Johns Hopkins University show that 2,108 people have died in the last 24 hours.

US officials have warned their citizens that they should expect “disturbing numbers” of deaths from coronavirus infection this week.

With many Americans ready to celebrate the Easter holiday, Sunday, chief communicable disease control expert Anthony Fauci warned that it is too early to loosen the restrictions, saying “now is not the time to stop”.

“The country may need months to know the best treatments that are currently being evaluated to treat the disease,” added Fauci.

On Friday, President Donald Trump expressed his belief that the number of corona deaths in the country will not exceed 100,000, saying: “There are clear signs of the success of our life-saving plan”.

While the White House’s HIV response coordinator, Dr. Deborah Brix, said that despite recent encouraging signs of a decline in cases, the United States has yet to reach its “peak”.

As of Saturday afternoon, the number of Coronavirus sufferers worldwide exceeded 1 million 733 thousand, of whom more than 106 thousand died, while more than 392 thousand recovered, according to the Worldometer website.

For its part, announced the New York municipality of America, Saturday, that the education will be remotely throughout the period of school closures that will continue until next September.

“Education will continue from a distance throughout the school closures until next September,” Mayor Bill de Palacio told a news conference.

“This decision is not easy, but it is correct,” Palacio added.

He explained that the distribution of the necessary equipment for distance education to the students will take place until late April.

The mayor stressed that “this decision will help to save the lives of large numbers of people”.

There are 1,800 schools in New York, with about one million and 100,000 students.