The Syrian Ministry of Health announces the healing of a case with coronavirus, bringing the number to five and the number of registered infections up to 25

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced the healing of a new case infected with Coronavirus, bringing the total number of recover cases to five.

The ministry said in a statement published on its page on social networking sites: “Cure a case of recorded infections with the Coronavirus, bringing the number of cures to 5”.

The ministry added: “6 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered, bringing the number of cases registered in the country to 25”.

The Syrian Ministry of Health had announced four days before the recovery of 4 cases and two deaths.

The Syrian government team on the strategy to tackle the Coronavirus epidemic has decided to extend the suspension of working hours in schools and universities until May 2 next year, and instruct the Ministry of Education to submit proposals within 10 days to address the reality of transitional classes and coordinate with relevant organizations to determine the date for conducting the basic and secondary examinations taking into consideration any developments related to the spread of Cornavirus.

The Syrian government team stated in a statement that the German News Agency (dpa) received a copy of it, that it had agreed in principle to provide an unemployment allowance for every day, seasonal, and self-employed workers whose work had ceased as a result of the precautionary measures.

Syrian semi-official statistics estimated the number of daily workers in the country at about 100,000 workers.

The Syrian government team also announced that it had asked the embassies and diplomatic missions abroad to receive the requests of citizens who left the country during the past month and who were stranded in various countries and were unable to return as a result of the suspension of air traffic, in order to secure the necessary support for them.